Kraken co-founder doubts FTX relaunch plans, DigiToads Proves To Be An Elite Project With Revolutionary Features


The FTX crash and the ensuing scandal involving its co-founder Sam Bankman-Fried hampered the growth of the international crypto market in more ways than one. Not only did it send crypto prices crashing but also prompted debates about the need for stronger regulations for the market. Recently, the defunct crypto exchange was in the news again after it proposed restarting operations for its international users. However, the news was met with a lot of pessimism from industry leaders. For instance, crypto exchange Kraken’s co-founder Jesse Powell has expressed his doubts about a reboot for FTX. Powell recently stated reviving FTX would need skilled individuals who might not be “interested in the new venture”. Also, he felt replicating FTX’s success could be challenging as many of its loyal traders would have already moved on to other exchanges. Amid the uncertainty, a newly launched meme coin has been hitting the headlines with its nuanced hybrid DeFi model that allows users to boost their residual income by leveraging a wide array of opportunities. Called DigiToads (TOADS), the meme coin is powered by Ethereum and sports cutting-edge features. The top altcoin has also posted strong presale growth – over $6.7 million in funding so far – and is currently in its last presale phase – Lilypad 10.

DigiToads: Becoming financially independent with DeFi opportunities

If you are new to cryptocurrencies, it can be overwhelming to take in multiple features of a crypto project and understand their scope. Crypto users will not face this problem with DigiTioads, as it has an intuitive interface. Plus, its hybrid DeFi model enables them to explore a wide array of opportunities on a single platform. From staking NFTs to learning cryptocurrency trading for beginners to winning tokens in Web 3.0 games, the platform has everything to turn you into an experienced crypto user. The TOADS token is the native coin of the DigiToads ecosystem.

The TOADS token is also used for the governance of the platform. Its holders get to vote for proposals pitched by other community members and hence have a say in how the platform is run.

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DigiToads has been attracting a lot of praise for its Web 3.0 which sports a thrilling mix of quality graphics, exciting gameplay, and lucrative rewards. The game is designed as a Metaverse swamp where there are challenges to tackle at every step. As players go about tackling challenges, they score points and the season’s highest scorers are then rewarded with TOADS tokens.

If the players feel they need help to get ahead, they can buy in-game assets with their TOADS tokens. A popular in-game asset is a special digital creature that has unique powers and is called a DigiToad. There are potions, food, and training equipment available for these creatures as well. Users should know that all DigiToads will have a varying set of characteristics. These extra items come in handy when a player’s rival has more powerful DigiToads.

Once you opt for DigiToads, you will never be confused about what crypto should I buy for the long term. It has a plethora of opportunities available with which crypto users can be financially secure. Take the example of the trading competitions that are organized by the platform every month. These competitions enable crypto users to win tokens through trading smartly and booking the highest profit margin in a month. The winners not only get a share in the profits they earned for DigiToads but also a chance to learn how to manage the platform’s treasury. The winning participants are trained in the task first and then go on to join the team in managing the DigiToads treasury.


FTX seeks to get Dubai arm excluded from bankruptcy proceedings

Rolled out in 2019, FTX was an exchange designed for trading cryptocurrencies. Its native cryptocurrency was the FTT token and was modeled on the ERC-20 standard of the Ethereum network. It also has a deflationary model where the token supply is always scarce to keep price fluctuations minimal. The exchange filed for bankruptcy in 2022. In a recent development, FTX has filed a motion to have its Dubai arm excluded from its bankruptcy proceedings in the US. In its court filing, FTX claimed that FTX Dubai didn’t conduct any business in the UAE before the exchange went bankrupt.


DigiToads is a new crypto project that has set the ball rolling for what analysts are describing as an explosive market launch with its huge presale success. Its growth so far has also earned it a spot among the best new icos of 2023. An important reason why DigiToads is gaining popularity so fast is because of its growth potential. Its unique framework allows its users to cryptocurrencies through different options and build a steady source of income. All in all, it’s not a bad option to consider if you are looking to boost your long-term gains.

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