South Korea is one of the most technologically advanced nations in the world. This is made evident by the fact that the country always plays a crucial role when it comes to the development of any crypto based technology.

Despite the fact that South Korea has quite a small population, the country trails only the US and Japan when it comes to widespread Bitcoin adoption.

In recent weeks, South Korean regulators have been working on making their digital economy even more flexible so that crypto adoption becomes easier for the average enthusiast.

For starters, the government has already legalized cryptocurrency exchanges and it is now expected that in the coming future, ICOs too will be allowed.

What Developments Will Korea Blockchain Week Usher In?

The Korea Blockchain Week promises to be more than just a series of meetings. For example, iCapital Blockchain Party will be hosting a panel discussion that will feature a wide array of blockchain specialists and industry leaders. In all, there will be 14 members present on the discussion panel, including members of companies such as MarketAcross and eToro.

In terms of the topics that will be covered, it is expected that the panel will take a look at matters such as:

  • Emerging industry trends

  • How can the current blockchain ecosystem be scaled to demand and expanded upon?

  • Implications of large-scale cryptocurrency adoption.

It is also worth noting that conference attendees will be provided with access to a collection of meetups that provide intellectual content as well as practical business opportunities.

Lastly, one of the key events that will take place during the week is the Beyond Blocks Seoul Summit. This packed out gathering boasts of speakers like Michael Novogratz and will focus on topics ranging from regulation, to mass adoption, to payment structures.

Final Thoughts

Korea Blockchain Week promises to bring together a host of cryptocurrency experts and enthusiasts so that the blockchain industry as a whole can witness the emergence of new ideas and better digital solutions.

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