Kiss Kiss META (KISSME): Merging Real-time Entertainment With The Metaverse


What is KISSME and what does Kiss Kiss META have to offer users?

Kiss Kiss META (KISSME) is a lifestyle utility token and upcoming NFT platform aimed at connecting real festivities to the metaverse through the KISSME token. KISSME is a community driven currency that provides access to many venues and events where people can meet, play, and party in new immersive dimensions.

With the recent emergence of the metaverse, real-time engagement in extended reality environments has become a trend, transforming the world’s entertainment experience including nightlife and parties. The transition towards extended reality can be complicated among entertainment businesses, club owners, and party planners. Kiss Kiss META offers a solution by merging the metaverse experience to entertainment platforms and bridging the gap between the Terraverse and Metaverse nightlife scene and vice versa.

Token Overview

Token name: KISSME

Total supply: 60 000 000 000

Total circulation: 6 000 000 000

What are the utilities of KISSME?

  • KISSME tokens are used as currency exchange during events in Terraverse and Metaverse.
  • KISSME tokens serve as entry tickets to virtual events and as payment mode for services.
  • Ownership of KISSME tokens grants privileged access to special places and partnerships.
  • The currency can be used to trade on DeFi platforms and can be traded to USDT at any time.

What does the Kiss Kiss META ecosystem include?

  • Festive Experience: KissMe VR

Kiss Kiss META brings real world festive events to the metaverse through VR platforms like KissME VR. They offer global exposure to partnered clubs through virtualization of events and digital promotions, constructing a multidimensional festive experience to maximize audience reach.

  • Tokenized Economy

The KISSME token provides a multidimensional payment token for all services in Kiss Kiss META events, allowing decentralised exchanges of tokens for services and gifts.

  • KISSME Community

Kiss Kiss META is a festive community built around the KISSME token. Meeting zones, in-house games, NFTs, wearables, and profile matching algorithms are provided in our metaverse world to provoke interaction between members.

  • NFT Collection: NFKeys

NFTs, dubbed NFKeys, are used as a membership card to unlock access to KissMe products, services, and rewards while ensuring loyalty towards the KISSME token.

What is the token allocation of KISSME?

  • Private sales 7%
  • Public sales 35%
  • Team 8%
  • Strategic partners 2%
  • Development 13%
  • MarkCom 20%
  • Company remaining 15%

The Kiss Kiss META Development Roadmap

Kiss Kiss META (KISSME) Official Media

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