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KinkBNB Relaunches as a Decentralized App with Social Token, Invites New Playspace Hosts to Apply

San Francisco, CA – June 6th, 2023 – KinkBNB, the leading platform for adult-oriented accommodations, is excited to announce its relaunch as a decentralized application (dApp) accompanied by the introduction of a social token. This innovative token, known as KinkToken, will grant users exclusive access to a curated directory of BDSM dungeons, swinger pads, and other adult playspaces. The platform is now open for users to submit their unique spaces as KinkBNB invites new playspace hosts to apply.

With the world rebounding from the challenges posed by the pandemic, KinkBNB is thrilled to offer an enhanced and secure experience for its users. By embracing blockchain technology and becoming a dApp, KinkBNB reaffirms its commitment to providing a safe, private, and inclusive environment for individuals to explore their desires.

“We are excited to relaunch KinkBNB as a decentralized app, providing our users with the utmost privacy and control over their personal information,” said Darren Mckeeman, founder of KinkBNB. “As we emerge from the pandemic, our platform offers a unique opportunity for the adult community to connect, share their passions, and rediscover their desires.”

Through the integration of KinkToken, powered by the Ethereum blockchain, users gain access to the token-gated directory of adult playspaces, ensuring a discreet and secure experience. KinkBNB encourages potential playspace hosts to submit their applications now, expanding the diverse range of offerings available to users on the platform.

KinkBNB’s transition to a dApp and the introduction of KinkToken were made possible through the partnership with MetaMask, the renowned Ethereum wallet and browser extension. This collaboration guarantees a seamless and user-friendly experience for individuals using KinkToken to access the platform’s exclusive content.

For more information on KinkBNB, KinkToken, and how to apply as a playspace host, please visit

About KinkBNB:

KinkBNB is an online platform that caters to the adult community by offering a diverse range of adult-oriented accommodations and playspaces. With a focus on privacy, security, and inclusivity, KinkBNB provides a safe and welcoming space for like-minded individuals to explore and express their sexuality.

Press Contact:
Name: Darren Mckeeman or Ryan Galiotto
Phone: (415) 470-7037

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