KFC Taps Blockchain for its Advertising and Media Supply Chain


Numerous companies, brands, and franchises are transforming into the digital space. More of eh than not, that will require the use of innovative technologies, such as blockchain technology.

It is evident that the transformation to digital will require significant changes.

A Bold Venture by KFC

Even KFC acknowledges that the current technology in place will not be sufficient.

Instead, the company is looking into blockchain technology to make things happen in the coming months and years. 

A new system is being designed to enhance digital advertising in the Middle East.

It is expected that this new platform will provide better transparency in the media supply chain overall.

By providing enhanced data progressing and boosting brand awareness, market share can be elevated accordingly.

For KFC, it will be an interesting trial, all things considered.

The company is already one of the biggest brands in the world today, but there is always room for improvements.

Real-time data and updated insights will always be of interest in terms of marketing and advertising.

The benefit of blockchain technology is how it provides credible and tamper-proof data at all times.

It will be interesting to see how this new experiment pans out.

If successful, it can create a global trend for other companies to explore. 

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