KeepKey Won’t win the Hardware Wallet Battle Anytime Soon


Many different cryptocurrency hardware wallets have come to market over the years. In the case of KeepKey, it appears that very few people actively use this solution. 

Competition in any security-related aspect of cryptocurrencies is beneficial.

The KeepKey Simply Isn’t Successful

Hardware wallets are no different in this regard, as there are only a few active players on the market today. 

KeepKey is one of the companies trying to make a name for itself.

So far, that has not happened in a successful manner.

It appears a lot of people dislike the way that this device needs to be set up through.

Forcing users to insert a registered email prior to giving them access to the device is not a smart business decision.

Users who try to skip this step will not be able to access any of the KeepKey features, unless they have a ShapeShift account. 

Surprisingly, a registered email account should no longer be necessary, according to the support team.

When these issues irk experienced crypto users, one has to wonder how novice enthusiasts respond to such hurdles.

It is evident that KeepKey still has a lot of improvements ahead.

Comments on Reddit regarding this device are not always positive either. 

The term “paperweight” is not something one wants to have associated with their flagship product. 

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