KB24 Team Sells Kobe Bryant NFTs to Fans, Features Photo Gallery on Site

KB24 Team Sells Kobe Bryant NFTs to Fans, Features Photo Gallery on Site

A new project dedicated to the legacy of Kobe Bryant is set to launch unique NFTs of the star’s legacy for charity. All proceeds will go to the Mamba & Mambacita Sports Foundation (M&MSF) founded by Bryant supporting young disadvantaged athletes. 

The KB24 NFT project was founded by two tech entrepreneurs, Andy Treys and Sako Waves who specialize in digital and viral marketing. Both had participated in Kobe Bryant’s online forum KB24.com before the domain expired when the basketball star retired in 2016. Together they decided they could revive the site and use it to sell unique collectibles to raise money for Bryant’s own sports foundation. 

“We grew up on the site,” explained Treys. “We wanted to keep it forever, just like a signed Kobe jersey or basketball, but in this case there is only one KB24.com.”

Similarly, each NFT is a unique piece highlighting one of Bryant’s greatest moments and achievements. The massive support and help from the basketball fan community demonstrated that the project could be a success. Notably, it could also serve as a way to raise funds for charities in the future by using non-fungible tokens. 

A Kobe Bryant NFT Based on Ethereum

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Fans who registered by the September 13th, 2021 deadline will have access to 10,000 NFTs available for purchase during the presale. These art pieces are stored on the Ethereum blockchain and are created through algorithms developed by the KB24 team. 

Over 100 attributes spanning 8 categories including jerseys, accessories, moments, and accomplishments will be assigned to the 10,000 NFTs. This means that there are millions of possible combinations resulting in very rare and unique tokens. 

Additionally, the team announced on the official KB24 Discord server that they are offering prizes and contests for fans who missed out. These include registrations for the presale, as well as courtside tickets for a Lakers game. 

The team hopes to make $3 million during the presale which will go to the Bryant’s sports foundation. Since the charity also makes 10% of all future sales, the project is looking at an additional $50 million in added funds going to M&MSF. 

A notable feature on the website will be a photo wall exclusively for holders of a Kobe Bryant NFT. These users will be able to upload their favorite picture or memory of the Lakers legend. 

Perhaps some of these exclusive Kobe picturess should be listed on one of the best NFT marketplaces to buy & sell photography though. High quality pictures of the NBA legend and philanthropist have major historical value worldwide because of his legacy.

Entrepreneurs and Experts in the KB24 NFT Team

To achieve this Treys and Waves recruited a team of business partners and experts to help build the project. This included marketing professionals Omkar Ganesan, Roman Royale, Vatche Ourishian, and Erin Zadoorian. 

The group moved to San Diego, CA to further expand their connections and resources. This led to two new additions, Tory Waligroski and Elijah Steen who manage the project’s creative development. 

“We have so many people on board helping us bring the KB24 NFT project to fruition, and everyone is happy donating their time and resources without asking for anything in return. It really shows how much impact Kobe Bryant had on everyone’s lives,” said Andy. “We’re excited to share more information on everyone else helping with the project as we get closer to launching.”

Additionally, all sales from a Kobe Bryant NFT will go directly to the Mamba & Mambacita Sports Foundation in perpetuity. This means that each time the NFT is sold, 10% of the proceeds will go back to the foundation. This ensures that these unique pieces will continue to support the charity for as long as possible. 

“The digital NFT art market has exploded in the last year as crypto investors look to enter the space. The possibilities are endless and we want to utilize that momentum to help fund non profit organizations working with communities to foster their love for basketball and sports in general.”

The team is currently waiting for an official response from the Mamba & Mambacita Sports Foundation founded by Kobe Bryant to accept the partnership. Although no other NFT project has partnered with, KB24 NFT expects this to change this time around. 

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