KB Kookmin Bank Wants to Provide Custodial Services for Crypto Assets


A new week has dawned upon the cryptocurrency industry, and there is already some positive news to take note of. The biggest bank in South Korea is venturing into the world of crypto custody services.

For some time now, there have been rumors of banks looking to enter the world of Bitcoin.

KB Kookmin Bank has big Plans

While they cannot issue this currency themselves, they can provide other services.

One of those services is custody solutions.

KB Kookmin Bank in South Korea is looking for ways to make that happen in the near future.

The company has filed for a trademark application for its Digital Asset Custody concept back in January of 2020.

Once granted, KB Kookmin Bank will look for ways to provide fund management of different crypto assets

Bitcoin is supported, although there is no mention of other assets as of yet.

The bank will also begin managing funds and stocks, as well as forex services, and institutional trading.

All in all, it seems as if KB Kookmin Bank has big plans, of which crypto assets are only a facet.

That being said, South Korea has proven to be a very important region for Bitcoin and other crypto assets.

This new development will certainly spark some interest all over the world.

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