Kadena’s (KDA) $100M Grant Program is good news for Mushe (XMU)

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Kadena, a proof-of-work-based cryptocurrency that can also executive smart contracts, recently announced a $100 million grant program to bolster the growth and adoption of blockchain technology. The grant program seeks to offer financial, technical, and strategic support for early gaming, metaverse, Web3, DAO, DeFi and NFT projects. The program will be administered by Kadena Eco, the blockchain’s innovation network, which offers teams, companies, and startups the opportunity to produce Web3 experiences. 

The emphasis on DeFi, metaverse and NFT projects is beneficial for Mushe (XMU) as it offers a suite of products that cover each of these areas. Investors can take advantage of the compatibility aspect of Mushe tokens. The tokens will be compatible with multiple blockchains upon their launch. A rare occurrence in the world of crypto as so many tokens are only compatible with their host platform hindering purchasers from using and trading their tokens as they wish. With Mushe tokens you will be able to buy and trade crypto, purchase items on the metaverse and purchase from decentralized online stores. 

The XMU token will also be used for liquidity on MusheSwap a DeFi exchange service that will allow cross-chain currency swaps. The scalability, interoperability, and true decentralization of Mushe and its products are what forward-thinking crypto enthusiasts such as Kadena Eco want to see more of within the blockchain ecosystem. 

Kadena’s $100 million grant program is part of a larger initiative with several components including research & development, an incubator to grow the skills of more developers, an accelerator component to empower startups and a venture fund to help companies build on or transition to Kadena’s blockchain platform. 

Whilst Mushe is built on Solana network, its goal to be compatible with all major metaverse spaces means Kadena’s grant and similar programs are beneficial to the future of Mushe World and the XMU token.

Mushe was founded by a team of professionals with experience in the global banking services industry and Kadena was founded by software engineers Stuart Popejoy and Will Martino. Since launching in November 2019, Kadena has grown to $968 million market capitalization. Mushe opened its pre-sale for the XMU token on April 18 exclusively at www.mushe.world and in the 12 days since the presale began the tokens price has increased by 285%.

For Mushe and Kadena to continue to see success within the cryptocurrency ecosystem, there needs to be a push for more innovation and collaboration. With its sizable grant program, Kadena is helping to spur a new wave of developers and entrepreneurs who are enthusiastic about contributing to the growth of blockchain technology. Mushe is also continuously working on new approaches to make it safer, faster, and easier for crypto users to take advantage of Mushe’s tokens and all the products that the company offers. With innovative companies such as Kadena and Mushe leading the way, the future of blockchain is bright. 

Learn more about Mushe (XMU)

Official Website: https://www.mushe.world/
Presale Registration: https://portal.mushe.world/sign-up
Telegram: https://t.me/MusheWorldXMU
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Mushe_World
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mushe_world/

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