The TRON cryptocurrency project has been subject to some interesting developments over the past couple of weeks. One of the project’s recent blockchain elections will undoubtedly spur a lot of debate. TRON Founder Justin Sun won his own election and will now become one of the 27 nodes which keep the network afloat.

Another Interesting TRON Development

Ever since the TRON project launched its main net, people have been excited about what the future would bring. A recent blockchain election was held to determine who would become one of the network’s “super representatives”. Similar to how EOS works, TRON has its own set of network nodes which validate transactions and create blocks. The number of nodes on the TRON network is limited to just 27, which makes it seem a lot more centralized than some people are comfortable with.

Things only got more controversial when TRON founder Justin Sun announced his candidacy to become one of those super representatives. Although it makes a lot of sense on paper, not everyone is a big fan of this approach. Developers exerting control over their own creation by being able to process or reject transactions can always lead to some interesting developments. Surprisingly, Sun has acquired the necessary votes to be elected and then some.

More on the Matter

Considering how only 11 of the 27 representatives have been elected, there is still a lot of work to be done. If Justin Sun fills one of those spots, he will still only represent 1/27th of the network nodes. Not necessarily something to be overly concerned about at this stage, although it is still a peculiar development. Since few others seem to garner enough support for this election, it remains to be seen who will fill the remaining spots.

One problem some people will have is Justin Sun’s position. He is the founder of Tron and the CEO of the Tron Foundation. By becoming a super representative, t is evident he is the physical embodiment of Tron itself. From a decentralization point of view, this is a very problematic development. However, he claims to not let it influence the project or its community in any way, shape or form.

Final Thoughts

The decision made by Justin Sun to even get elected shows that democracy is virtually unfeasible within the world of cryptocurrency. There is a severe degree of centralization going on with some altcoins, although it remains to be seen whether or not this will have any negative consequences.

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