Justin Sun Makes 3 Bold Claims To Drive Tron (TRX) Adoption In 2023

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There are thousands of cryptocurrencies, tokens, and assets on the market. Tron, or TRX, is often overlooked by many. However, ecosystem founder Justin Sun has made some bold claims recently, potentially paving the way for a bright future. 

Making Tron (TRX) Legal Tender

Perhaps the most ambitious claim by Justin Sun is how TRX will become legal tender in a “major country” soon. So far, cryptocurrencies haven’t gained much momentum as legal tender except for El Salvador and the Central African Republic. Although other countries mull using Bitcoin to some degree, giving it the “legal tender” label is often a bridge too far. That would make it all the more interesting to see TRX gain a competitive advantage. It is far from impossible to do so, although there are many unanswered questions. 

It will be a tremendous feat if TRX becomes legal tender in some countries. Whether it is a small nation or a behemoth like China isn’t of great importance. It is more about setting a precedent for other countries to follow. Bringing more legitimacy to Tron and its native ecosystem is always beneficial. Making that happen will require tremendous effort and lobbying, though. 

Speaking of China, Justin Sun believes China will “eventually” accept TRX. He also states how most people in the country use the currency. It is unclear if that means compared to other altcoins, compared to Bitcoin, or in general, though. 

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Avoiding A US-Centric Mindset

Making a cryptocurrency legal tender can only happen by being put through a regulatory wringer first. There are many aspects, features, and implications to consider. Although some community members would love to see TRX become legal tender in the United States, that will not be the focal point. If anything, Justin Sun advocates for a less US-centric approach. It is a crucial nation regarding regulation, but not representative of the 8 billion people on this planet. 

Other countries are equally, if not more, important than the US. Once a country makes TRX legal tender, the US policymakers will start paying more attention. Whether that will be a positive development remains unclear, but working on a global scale is a smarter approach. Sun expects to forge more partnerships with governments and businesses worldwide. 

Doubling Down On Artificial Intelligence

A more recent tweet by Justin Sun hints at exploring new AI-oriented initiatives with Tron. More specifically, the ecosystem will receive a dedicated AI research team. That group will focus on technology and forging crucial partnerships with other players in the artificial intelligence space. Combining AI with crypto can have some exciting results, although the field remains largely unexplored. It isn’t even certain such an approach would benefit Tron or enhance the appeal of TRX. 

However, it is an option worth exploring. AI has become a mainstream topic and trend much faster than cryptocurrency has. Leveraging that momentum can put crypto at the forefront of attention as well. However, its use cases within the crypto space remain unclear, although there are some possibilities to explore. 

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