Justin Sun Clarifies the Recent Steemit “Kerfuffle”

CryptoMode Steemit Drama

Not a week goes by without some big drama in the cryptocurrency industry. This week, it appears that some developments affecting Steemit have the community up in arms.

Several exchanges are seemingly involved in what can only be considered as a “bribe attack”.

Steemit Drama Seems Harmless

More specifically, the STEEM stored on exchanges was abused for a hostile blockchain takeover.

This is another example of why everyone should hold their own funds in a private wallet at all times.

Given how Steemit was recently acquired by Justin Sun and TRON, this development sparks a lot of speculation. 

Some are very eager to point a finger of blame at Justin Sun and other TRON-related people, although nothing can be proven at this time.

Others are confident that this is a way to deprive Justin Sun of his “power”, albeit the lack of evidence isn’t helping matters much in this regard either.

A recent reply from Justin Sun puts things in a different perspective.

He claims how this “attack” was thwarted and the Seem network is safe.

All “votes will be withdrawing ASAP to ensure no one can further sabotage the blockchain.

As such, it seems that some malicious attempt was made, but not necessarily by the individuals people would love to blame.

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