JUST is TRON’s DeFi Solution for Stablecoin Lending

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There are several new developments taking place within the TRON ecosystem. Perhaps the most intriguing development is the launch of a new lending platform focusing on stablecoins issued on this particular blockchain.

The recently shared TRON development update is very interesting, as it touches upon many different aspects.

Djed Becomes JUST for TRON Stablecoins

There appears to be healthy dApp activity, as well as a few new applications worth checking out.

The big news comes in the form of the JUST lending platform.

It is a project formerly known as Djed, and it will now focus on the TRON DeFi aspect.

As such, it currently supports stablecoins issued on top of the blockchain and provides lending services accordingly.

The rebranded JUST platform has gone live on the main net a few days ago.

For TRON, competing in the DeFi space will certainly pose its own set of challenges.

After all, Ethereum is clearly the market leader in terms of decentralized finance as of right now.

For TRON, being a slightly more niche project at its core, catering to non-TRX users will prove to be a daunting task.

That being said, a stronger focus on overall DeFi opportunities is always beneficial.

In the long run, it can be very beneficial to the cryptocurrency industry as a whole.

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