JPEGvault’s Successful Initiation into the Digital Market and Future Prospects

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JPEGvault’s entry into the digital ecosystem has been one of innovation with $JPEG, the first cryptocurrency backed by NFTs. Cryptocurrencies have successfully garnered the attention of investors across the world, and numerous users have already transitioned to the exclusive use of these digital assets. However, the market is perennially looking for the next step forward. Investor interest in NFTs has propelled JPEGvault to bind digital innovations together and create a community that brings investors and builders to a single platform.

With so much interest in digital assets, promising NFTs can become prohibitively expensive for the average user. To make it easier for average investors to participate in the digital revolution, JPEGvault has introduced shared ownership of high-value NFTs. This paradigm allows them to bring the best purchasing opportunities currently available in the digital space to a broader user base. 

Providing over 25 blue-chip NFT collections, JPEGvault helps users save hours of research and obtain only those NFTs with the greatest growth potential. A project built across the Avalanche platform, its operability makes it an ideal source for investors looking to generate passive income. And, with their ownership paradigm, every $JPEG token held by users represents a share of the community-held NFT assets, spelling a breakthrough for the digital community.

Looking toward the project’s longer-term viability, its recent developments show consistent growth. After making itself live for public trading across Trader Joe, a DeFi platform under Avalanche Network, JPEGvault successfully turned over its ATH just a couple of days ago. The recognition of the project’s accessibility made it among the Top 5 gainers across Avalanche Network in recent weeks. This is a clear indication of the strength of the platform in the digital community. 

JPEGvault currently holds $200K worth of blue-chip NFTs in its community-owned vault. Every $JPEG holder receives a dividend from the sale of these NFTs, meaning that profits directly benefit the community. This distribution system has enabled the project to build a community of 8000+ members. To secure continued growth, JPEGvault has set a 10% transaction tax on attractive NFT investments.

As JPEGvault looks toward meeting its desired benchmarks for profitability in the digital ecosystem, it has already listed itself across CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, which will be followed by major CEX listings in the near future. With their liquidity locked, JPEGvault has standardized a 150% APY across their staking options, allowing users to triple their assets by locking them for 30 days. With such lucrative options, this digital platform is the perfect choice for users to invest themselves in crypto and NFT innovations on a meaningful scale.

About JPEGvault

JPEGvault is the first-ever cryptocurrency backed by blue-chip NFTs. The project aims to allow users to hold community-owned NFT assets, generate passive income and enjoy greater access to and power in the growing NFT industry. With a diverse 16-member team, the project believes in strengthening its hold across the digital ecosystem. 

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