Journey Of Stardust Sets Inspiring Digital Comic Example In The NFT Industry

Cryptomode Journey of Stardust

The advent of non-fungible token (NFT) technology has opened the way to create viral digital comics and many other use cases. The NFT industry has witnessed unprecedented growth in 2021. According to reports on CNBC, the trading volume of the NFT market surged to a whopping $10.67 billion within the third quarter of this year. This goes to show how the industry has fared in recent times. The industry growth has also attracted many great and impactful NFT collections.

A good example of these great NFT collections is the Journey of Stardust NFT collection which spans 100 pages of comics. As a way to create more awareness and generate more interest in Journey of Stardust, the creator has decided to give away the first 10 of the 100 pages. The BitColors NFT collection inspired the project.

About the Journey of Stardust

Journey of Stardust is an NFT collection that tells the story of Stardust, a young wizard. The wizard embarks on a journey to explore his homeland, and then he uncovers a conflict between humans and wizards. However, the conflict takes the back seat as a bigger threat puts the lives of all humans and wizards in danger.

Creating a new comic series as non-fungible tokens can offer significant potential to both fans and creators. The fans of the comic series can have access to the unique pages of the comic series, and it is also possible for them to have access to the full collection. The artist who created the Journey of Stardust promises to give away the first 10 pages for free to create a positive buzz about the project. The remaining 90 pages will be sold on the OpenSea NFT marketplace.

The inspiration for the creation of the Journey of Stardust NFT collection came from BitColors, which provides access to many handmade colors and associated names. These NFT colors and associated names will also appear in the Journey of Stardust NFT collection. With access to unique colors, artists have the opportunity to do what they do best. The first two pages of the project have already been given away to new owners for free, while the remaining 8 will also go off in the coming weeks at most.

Will the Journey of Stardust be a Success?

Here, we can also make our analysis from the facts in the NFT industry. Over the years, digital comics have been very popular, especially because they are easy to share with other people and get through to them. The BitColors NFT collections embody this vision, and the same goes for the Journey of Stardust. Every human being on earth has a unique feeling with colors. Therefore, the digital comic series of Journey of Stardust will be more than just a two-dimensional story to every ready.

It is not an easy feat to make a digital comic go viral and become a huge success. However, when a project has a social appeal and is scarce, there is a huge possibility of its success. This is exactly what Journey of Stardust is. The project has a significant appeal for sharing it on social media. It will also be scarce because every page will exist as a non-fungible token (NFT).

Journey of Stardust has set a good precedence for the entire NFT industry, as more digital comics will be tokenized on the blockchain. As a tokenized digital comic, every page of the Journey of Stardust NFT collection will have only one official owner. Although anyone can read the comic without owning a page, true fans will undoubtedly want to own a piece of the comic due to its sentimental value.


Journey of Stardust has opened a new gateway in the NFT industry. Like every pacesetter project, the NFT collection will attract massive attention from digital comic lovers and NFT collectors. It is a new dawn in the NFT industry, and Journey of Stardust is leading the way.  

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