Jointer’s DeFI Token JNTR/b has Flexible Staking at 10% APY on top of Arbitrage Opportunities

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Jointer, built on the Binance Smart Chain, is ready to take its real estate-backed DeFi service to a one of a kind level. Now, just by holding JNTR/b in your wallet, you will receive 10% APY.. This means users will earn an APY of 10% without needing any deposits. . 

A Step Forward for JNTR/b

Staking assets have become a key aspect of decentralized finance, or DeFi. Users are no longer satisfied with just investing in crypto assets. They want to put them to work in a passive manner, and reap the rewards for doing so. Several projects have noted success in this department but so far all require deposits or farming for rewards. Jointer is now offering a better approach where JNTR/b is earned by users just by holding. The decentralized JNTR/b bridge token is utilized to provide liquidity and broader access to the Jointer syndication ecosystem and is available on BSCswap. 

Under the hood, Jointer implemented a DeFi staking contract into the JNTR/b token itself. Holders benefit from flexible staking rewards without having to undertake any action. Rewards are paid out every time a new block is generated on the Binance Smart Chain, which also powers the deeply financially engineered Jointer concept. 

Staking one’s JNTR/b token can be done through any compatible decentralized wallet or any of the official Exchange Partners. For now, the APY sits at 10%, but that rate can be adjusted through voting proposals via the Jointer DAO.

Expanding the Reach of JNTR/b

To bring more attention to this powerful token. Jointer will distribute JNTR/b tokens to communities. Users can either stake this coin or swap it to JNTR through the SmartSwap platform. Every JNTR/b will always have the same 1:1 value as JNTR tokens, currently valued at $0.4438. This represents a 4,438.46% increase in value per JNTR since the token was first introduced.

Considering how JNTR/b is burned every time it is swapped for JNTR or passes through other bridges, the supply will be adjusting constantly. Additionally, more JNTR/b is minted by the BSC smart contract if 1 JNTR or other bridges swap to JNTR/b.  It is a constant minting and burning of tokens to keep the ecosystem flexible to market demands with anti-manipulation protection. 

Furthermore, the JNTR/b – as well as JNTR/e – tokens are minted in very limited quantities. Airdrops will occur, but these tokens will never be distributed to Jointer team members of early investors.  The team and early investors never received JNTR/e tokens either, only the JNTR they officially invested in.Half of the pre-minted JNTR tokens are also locked for 10 years. And forever, investors will not be able to sell any tokens below the face value. 

Exploring Arbitrage Options

There is another good reason to show an interest in JNTR and JNTR/b: arbitrage opportunities. Jointer’s SmartSwap always deems JNTR/b, JNTR/e, and JNTR to have a 1:1 value. The leading  value is derived from the multi-layer reserve maintained by 52 smart contracts. Even if prices of JNTR/b and JNTR/e fluctuate, they will still have the same value as JNTR which the reserve powers. 

Should the value of JNTR/b or JNTR/e drop lower than the JNTR price itself, there is a direct arbitrage opportunity ready to be taken advantage of. Being able to score a profit, and then potentially convert back to JNTR/b to keep staking, is one option to explore. 

Additionally, the Daily Auction on offers a discount of 50% or more on the JNTR token price.  It is certainly possible to partake in the Daily Auction, buy discounted JNTR, and swap for JNTR/e at the normal face value. There are many options to make money with this project, to say the very least. 

Converting between JNTR/e on Ethereum and JNTR/b on Binance Smart Chain is equally possible through SmartSwap. The trading value of both tokens can be lower compared to the JNTR value. Being able to explore the price gaps between these two tokens, as well as any remaining difference with JNTR itself, can result in very decent profits over time. 

Make sure to check out Jointer today!. 

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