Jointer’s Daily DeFi Auction Come to STEX Following $5 million Strategic Investment

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Jointer’s Daily DeFi Auction Come to STEX Following $5 million Strategic Investment

DeFi darling Jointer continues to make waves in the cryptocurrency world. Following the successful launch of its Daily auctions, the team is now investing in Stex, an EU regulated exchange. As a result, Jointer’s DeFi Auction launched on STEX October 26, selling out within minutes. 

Jointer Expands its Reach

Being the first real estate-backed DeFi project brings a lot of attention. However, it is crucial to keep pushing the envelope and explore all possibilities at one’s disposal. For Jointer, a $5 million investment in the regulated trading platform Stex is the next step in the evolution of the platform which aims to make commercial real estate syndication simple and one click. The Commercial Real Estate investment and syndication platform is expanding its reach through the new primary issuance partner, as well as secondary trading for the native asset, JNTR. 

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It is no coincidence that Jointer has won multiple awards before its platform was even brought to the public. The innovative aspect, as well as the desire to make a lasting impact on cryptocurrency and blockchain, elevate the project to new heights. Investing in STEX is made possible thanks to two months of growth for the Jointer platform and its daily DeFi Auction. 

As a result of this growth, the value of JNTR has risen by 4,484% since the launch. What is even more impressive is how the price of the token is not going down. It may not skyrocket overnight, but the technical measures put in place give JNTR every chance to note a 10,000x increase in value over the coming years. 

By investing in STEX,  the regulated platform can expand its products and services to include DeFi dApps. Moreover, the Stex team will strengthen its focus on community, security, and improving the overall user experience with the $100M valuation. 

A Two-pronged Investment Approach

On the one hand, the investment by Jointer will allow for STEX to improve its market position. Daily DeFi Auctions running on Jointer will come to STEX’s user base, providing them with primary access to JNTR’s liquidity bridge. All benefits found through the Jointer platform will be extended to STEX users, including the 90% downside protection and daily Game theoretical incentives. 

Secondly, those who participate in the Daily DeFi Auction will give users a chance to stake their JNTR tokens. Currently the APY sits at 52%, making for a very lucrative option.

Jointer Angel investor Kyle White comments on the strategic investment as follows:

“When I first stumbled on STEX their focus on providing users a great and safe experience was immediately apparent. Companies that focus on users first will succeed with the right tools and unlimited resources. Luckily for us and the crypto community, STEX has been doing the right thing for a few years now and they are at the stage where capital and resources can bring them exponential growth.” 

It is evident that both the Joitner and STEX communities will benefit from this strategic investment. Both projects share the same vision, with a strong focus on community. By joining forces, a user base of over 750,000 users will be created. 

The Core Strength of Jointer

Jointer’s Daily Auction works as follows: a daily auction is organized to grant investors access to JNTR at a discount. Whitelisted accounts can partake in the auction. JNTR tokens from the auction are distributed pro rata, giving investors the option to either sell their tokens at any time, or hold them in a wallet, or stake them for more JNTR rewards.

For investors, there is a Group Discount and an individual bonus for daily Auction investment leaders. These discounts and bonuses are created by minting additional JNTR through the 56 different smart contracts making up this project. All investors benefit from the 90% downside protection, offering them unprecedented peace of mind. 

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