Join the Most Important ICO of 2022 and Receive an Allocation in Top Private Crypto Projects

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The cryptocurrency market in the last months has witnessed the enormous success of promising valuable blockchain projects. Nevertheless, even investors from traditional markets are starting to detect the real potential of cryptocurrencies. They pour vast amounts of funds into the blockchain market. Therefore, the biggest success boom of promising projects is yet to come in 2022 and it is a good time to invest at current lower prices.

This is a desirable situation for Venture Capital funds because demand for their services is rapidly increasing. However, their target is only wealthy investors due to the high entrance threshold. This leaves a huge number of individuals out of access to such benefits. Against this phenomenon comes the Decentralized Venture Capital (DeVC) trend. It aims to make investments in projects in the early stage of development accessible for everyone. DeVC is just beginning to take shape, but we can already distinguish the leading company in this sector – Lucrosus Capital which launched it $LUCA Public Sale on 17th January 2022.

What Benefits Does Lucrosus Capital Provide?

Lucrosus Capital is the first gamified DeVC providing institutional benefits to individual investors through its own token – $LUCA. Tokenization allowed this project to truly make investing decentralized. Due to the application of unique blockchain features, investments will be accessible with basically no threshold as well as will be anonymous. Everyone who holds this token will be able to take advantage of $LUCA utilities like direct and indirect exposure on investments made by Lucrosus Capital.

$LUCA Token Utilities – How Can You Gain?

Lucrosus Capital’s team puts a lot of effort into delivering possibly the most successful product. Therefore, $LUCA token provides various benefits for its holders. One of the most significant utilities is the Shared Allocation Program, where you can acquire tokens of projects in which Lucrosus Capital has invested based on the amount of $LUCA you hold. 

In addition, Lucrosus Capital reserves the right to conduct a Buy-back Program where Lucrosus Capital will permanently buyback $LUCA tokens from the market. It will make them scarcer and have a positive impact on price action. In addition, $LUCA investors can count on very favorable staking, the voting program giving a real impact on company development, or exclusive data on projects in which Lucrosus Capital has invested. You can watch Lucrosus Capital’s explainer video to summarize everything.

Lucrosus Capital takes advantage extensively by using a unique AI algorithm dedicated to automating the research of high-value projects and analyzing market trends. It examines large data sets from the cryptocurrency market and outputs thoroughly selected results. The team members then evaluate the potential of these projects with their expert knowledge. This is followed by contacting the developers and discussing the project plans along with their legal structure. After obtaining all the necessary information, Lucrosus Capital makes an investment decision.

How Can You Buy $LUCA Tokens?

To get your LUCA tokens as soon as possible, make sure you don’t miss the Lucrosus Capital Launchpad ICO, available until March 17th. 

Although it started just 33 days ago, the team already raised $473,000 worth of LUCA tokens and completed 16 phases. The price is set to increase from phase to phase by approximately 1%.

If you recommend the ICO to your friends and send them a unique referral link, you can earn 15% of ETH invested by every friend of yours, alongside 30% of their LUCA purchases. 

Your friends also get an additional 5% of STC purchased.

And that’s what we call a fun activity!


The idea of Decentralized Venture Capital is still in the early stage of development, however, it has the capabilities to stir up the financial sector. Thanks to the application of blockchain advantages, DeVCs open doors for investors who previously could not afford to participate in venture capital investments. If you don’t want to miss out on the trend which will change the rules of the game, become a partner of Lucrosus Capital by participating in the Public Sale and make sure to follow them on social media (Twitter, Telegram, Medium) to be up to date with their features.

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