Multi-Platinum Rapper, Jeezy Releases New NFT

Jeezy NFT

Jeezy’s release of his NFTs is quite different from many of the drops people have been hearing about in recent news, and that is a good thing.

Most people purchasing NFTs receive the digital piece and nothing more. What makes Jeezy and his drop unique is his connection with his fans and sending out physical items to NFT purchasers.

Many people do not see the value in an NFT alone, but when you add things like a personally signed vinyl autograph and give it to 30 lucky people chosen at random it takes the NFT to another level.

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What is most impressive is the combination of CGI and AR to create some of the most sophisticated NFTs on the market. Imagine visiting a museum where a piece actually moves around and engages with you, this is the world we live in now.

Jeezy’s incredible success as a multi-platinum artist makes him an inspiration to not only his millions of fans but to those of us in the blockchain space, who respect the passion and vision put behind such a special NFT release. It helps drive mass adoption and that is what will open the door for everyone to get involved in blockchain without any difficulty.

Jeezy’s work should inspire other artists to consider how they connect with their fans, especially in a pandemic situation. Jeezy’s NFT release is proof that no matter what the circumstances, anything can be accomplished with dedication and fortitude. This release is proof of that hard work paying off not just for the artist, but for the betterment of his fanbase. People can finally feel engaged with their favorite artists thanks to groundbreaking drops like this one.

Congratulations, Jeezy, and thank you for dedicating your efforts to advancing mass adoption of blockchain technology.

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