Japanese Brave Browser Users can now Link to PayPal

brave browser

The Brave browser is of great interest to numerous cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Cashing out earned BAT tokens, however, remains somewhat cumbersome.

In virtually all countries, Brave users need to link their Uphold account.

Brave and PayPal are an odd Couple

Those who do not do so will remain unable to cash out the BAT balance.

It now appears that this situation is changing for the better.

In Japan, users can seemingly link their PayPal account. 

That seems like a bit of an odd choice, all things considered.

Cryptocurrencies or digital assets and PayPal have never been a good combination. 

As such, one has to wonder why PayPal suddenly becomes an option to link accounts, instead of a convenient crypto-based solution, for example.

That being said, PayPal remains an incredibly convenient service, even among crypto enthusiasts.

The bigger question is whether this functionality will come to other countries as well.

A lot of Brave users would love to not use Uphold or any other exchange to access their earned BAT balance.

Whether that will happen or not, is anyone’s guess at this time.

Since no one is making a ton of money with Brave just yet, it seems unlikely that this is a priority for the developers.

One can only hope things improve soon in this department.

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