Jack Daniels Manufacturer Thwarts a Ransomware Attack but Data Remains at Risk

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Ransomware attacks are still too common in this modern day and age. Particularly companies in the US are prone to these attacks. Brown-Forman, a well-known liquor giant and manufacturer of Jack Daniels, is the most recent victim.

Another US Ransomware Victim

Following the recent study confirming how ransomware attacks are directed primarily at US companies, one would expect things to improve. In reality, that is not the case whatsoever. In fact, bigger and bigger companies are falling victim to these nefarious attacks. Brown-Forman is a major liquor producer, yet its systems are not safe from harm either.

For a company owning the Jack Daniels and Finlandia brands, one would expect top notch IT security. Clearly, that is not the case, as this attack has a crippling effect. That is mainly due to the people claiming responsibility for distributing the ransomware. According to Bloomberg, the team responsible is the Sodinobki gang.

For those unaware, that group of criminals has built up quite the reputation. Not only are they active in the ransomware industry, but they also blackmail victims. Their attacks are carried out through ample preparation. If successful, they will often steal data from the victim, and demand a ransom. In this particular incident, up to 1TB of data may have been compromised.

Paying Should Never be an Option

What makes this attack somewhat unusual is how the Brown-Forman network has not been encrypted. Company officials claim they were able to “prevent” it without going into too many specifics. One positive aspect is how the company has no intention of negotiating with the criminals. Paying hackers is never the answer.

Due to this stance, it is unclear what type of payday the hackers are after. With no room for negotiation or communication, it remains unclear what happens tot he stolen data. It can still be sold on the darknet, or used for completely different purposes. A lot depends on whether employee information has been stolen in the process. 

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