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What is Lucky ADA

Lucky ADA aims at bringing “DeFi to masses” through ease of use thereby helping the crypto industry grow.

Lucky ADA is an Auto Liquidity Protocol, a cryptocurrency that will distribute $ADA coins, it’s primary goal is to provide a passive income to everyone in the community without making it too complicated. In exchange for your help in building a community you get free $LUCADA tokens.

LUCADA Token overview

Trading type : Spot trading

Transaction tax :1% 

Market Cap: $6,733,502

Launch Date:  Nov -07-2021

Total supply: 1000000000

Circulating supply: 1000000000 listing : 18.March.2022

Deposit time : 15:00 (UTC +8)

What is the token Utility of Lucky ADA?

Built with a vision to create a simple method to help even non crypto traders earn a passive income via DeFi. Through the Lucky ADA project LUCADA token was established as a reflection token which pays dividends not in its own token but rather a well established token in this case  Cardano $ADA.

Lucky ADA is built on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20). Lucky ADA promises dividends that will be auto credited in ADA to your wallet without the need to raise a claim, it also offers a monthly jackpot to 3 winners who hold above 50,000 tokens and a scholarship program allocated to provide Axie Infinity scholarships to players who wish to learn and participate in Play to Earn(P2E) and do not have the specific means to do so.

At the time of writing the price of one token was $0.0067, with a 24-hour trading volume of ———Combined with Lucky ADA’s ambitions plans for the future and Cardano’s steady rise Lucky ADA is expected to perform very well in the coming years.

A closer look at Lucky ADA’s Tokenomics:

  • 7% of every buy/sell is taken and redistributed among all holders. These dividends are not based on the price of ADA or LUCADA; instead it is based on the amount held in the wallet. A minimum of 2,000 tokens should be held in order to receive rewards.
  • 1% for referral function.
  • 3% of all transactions will be converted into liquidity for Pancakeswap, creating an automatic price floor stability.
  • 1% sell fee will be applied to reduce volatility in trading.
  • There will be a jackpot reward every month where 2% of all transactions will be accumulated for the price reward. Divided between 3 winners, to qualify a minimum 50,000 tokens will be required.
  • 2% of all transactions will be used to cover cost of scholarship program

Lucky ADA’s Road Map

Lucky ADA promises a stable and secure platform for its well connected community with future plans that includes a full audit by Certik and a DXLock for more than 1 year with the Initial Liquidity. Apart from this, Lucky ADA also plans a limited NFT at Bakeryswap and Partnership with Cardano DeFi Project.

Interested users can check out LUCADA on from 18 March 2022 onwards, and be a part of the community!

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