It is now Possible to Access Blockchain Domains With the Opera Browser

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Using blockchain domains is a powerful way to avoid internet censorship or third-party control. Accessing those domains has always been difficult, albeit Opera is the first major browser to make this process more straightforward.

The rise of Unstoppable Domains has been well-documented in recent months.

Opera Grants Access to Blockchain Domains

By trying to disrupt the domain registrar space, the project has tremendous potential.

It is also backed by Tim Draper, a notorious Bitcoin bull.

Until now, it required some trickery to effectively view these blockchain domains in a browser.

Opera is now changing that narrative with its most recent update.

Users of this browser can now access all .crypto domains without any extra trickery involved.

Moreover, everyone can now make convenient cryptocurrency payments directly from the browser as well.

In terms of avoiding online censorship, this integration may prove to be very crucial in the long run.

Cutting out the middleman from all aspects of life is something everyone needs to pursue.

It is also another validation of how powerful blockchain technology can be when put into the right hands.

It is now a matter of time until other browsers begin incorporating this feature without forcing users to download extensions or plugins.

If and when that will happen, remains anyone’s guess.

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