Blockchain technology allows for many different business models and use cases. Decentralized messaging, while an intriguing concept, can also be used by criminals.

It would appear that Islamic State has taken a liking to a new blockchain messaging application. 

BCM and Islamic State

More specifically, the application in question is called BCM.

Not much is known about this solution, other than how it is allegedly being tested by ISIS.

It is not the first time ISIS explores alternative messaging systems either.

In previous months, they experiment with Riot, Hoop, RocketChat, and TamTam.

One thing that sets BCM apart is its encrypted and anonymous way of handling conversations between users. 

Moreover, it would appear this blockchain messaging solution supported large group-chat sizes, similar to Telegram and others. 

Speaking of which, Telegram was the go-to messaging solutions for these terrorists until recently.

Due to law enforcement shutting down Telegram accounts and channels operated by ISIS, the outfit had to look for alternatives.

A decentralized blockchain solution prevents accounts from being shut down.

Since there is no central authority to oversee everything, there is less concern regarding being kicked off the network entirely. 

Moreover, anyone can use BCM without verifying their identity or even sharing their phone number.

It makes for a very convenient and privacy-oriented solution, albeit one that is already building up a negative reputation. 


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