Is QuickSwap’s Success Written in the Stars? QUICK Becomes First Layer 2 DEX Token Listed by Chainlink


While some pay no heed to astrology, a growing number of crypto enthusiasts have turned their attention upward to understand how the larger patterns that quite literally surround us could impact our personal finances. One such “personal poet for the stars” Maren Altman (@marenaaltman) on Twitter, actually uses the patterns in the sky to make sense of cryptocurrency, and she’s not alone. Throughout 2021, numerous crypto investors have referenced “the year of the Ox” as a reason for their bullish sentiments on crypto projections; however, with 2021 now nearly in our rearview, some analysts are revising their positions and calling for market corrections.

Yet while bulls and bears are bound by the laws of gravity (and perhaps astrology), Dragons have a way of continuing to defy them. As crypto’s overall marketcap is down 8.25% this month, $QUICK – QuickSwap’s native governance and utility token – is trending up, posting gains of over 20% in the last week. Maybe that’s because QuickSwap’s dragon mascot can fly, but maybe it’s because despite the onslaught of regulatory threats facing DeFi, Polygon’s largest DEX continues to innovate.

Yesterday, QuickSwap announced they had sponsored Chainlink price feeds for QUICK/USD and QUICK/ETH to expand QUICK’s DeFi utility. These two new Chainlink price feeds make QUICK the first layer 2 exchange token listed on the industry standard oracle solution’s platform. Chainlink’s trusted, reliable, and decentralized infrastructure could propel QUICK’s adoption across Polygon’s DeFi ecosystem, providing the token with more utility and its users with new opportunities to generate passive income.

“Sponsoring the launch of two new Chainlink Price Feeds for the QUICK governance token was key to expanding the ability for DeFi protocols to easily add support for QUICK, given their newfound ability to securely and accurately price during on-chain processes,” said Sameep Singhania, QuickSwap’s Co-Founder and lead developer.

(Maren Altman’s recent assessment of market conditions based on astrological patterns received over 100 likes in less than 30 minutes)

Whether you’re among the growing number of crypto traders who are turning to the stars or not, it’s difficult to deny the momentum that QuickSwap and the entire Polygon network have generated during the most recent crypto bull run, particularly when one bears in mind that QuickSwap isn’t even yet one year old. If the DEX can accomplish all that they have inside their first year of operation and without taking on any major institutional backing, what might they accomplish now that their brand is becoming more well-known?

To answer that question, QuickSwap is inviting all interested parties to come and learn more of what they’re all about  with a 7-day birthday extravaganza that kicks off on Friday, October 8th.

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