Is Online Crypto Gambling Legal In 2022?

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Many people ask themselves “is online crypto gambling legal?”. While there are no laws or guidelines preventing users from exploring this option, it is far to ask oneself that question. In this article, we explain that online crypto gambling is legal, although you may want to remain cautious whenever possible. 

Is Online Crypto Gambling Legal?

It is not hard to see why many people would ask themselves that question. There is a lot of mystery surrounding the legality of cryptocurrencies. Most countries have no active regulation but dissuade consumers and businesses from exploring this industry. Other countries may ban or restrict cryptocurrency usage, affecting their potential in the online gambling industry. 

For those who wonder “is online crypto gambling legal?” the short answer is: yes, it is. No country in the world prohibits users from gambling with cryptocurrency specifically, although your internet service provider may restrict access to certain crypto gambling platforms. That is often the result of those providers operating without a license in your country and not because they rely on cryptocurrencies, specifically. 

To answer the question “is online crypto gambling legal?”, we have to look at a few crucial aspects:

  • Does your country have any cryptocurrency regulation at all? If so, does it prohibit using crypto, or is the approach more open-minded?
  • Are there any plans to regulate cryptocurrencies or the gambling industry more strictly?
  • Is the service provider operating with or without a license? There are only a handful of jurisdictions issuing licenses to crypto gambling providers – such as Curacao and the UK. 

Those are the main aspects to consider to determine if online crypto gambling is legal in the jurisdiction. Without a clear answer to these questions, it may be best to exert caution at all times. Gambling providers will often block residents in certain regions where regulatory uncertainty may prove problematic. However, that doesn’t make every site you can access 100% legal either, even if there is no rule stating otherwise.

The US Are Always An Exception

One crucial region where the question of “is online crypto gambling legal” is less tricky to answer is the United States. More specifically, the country has taken a harsh stance on online gambling in general, regardless of the cryptocurrency angle. Virtually all forms of online gambling are illegal in the US, as is accepting online gambling advertising or operating an online gambling platform.

That poses an interesting problem for crypto casinos and other gambling providers. The United States is a massive market, but not being able to provide online crypto gambling is a setback. 

However, one must wonder what that means for the many blockchain-based applications that have no server to shut down or companies to take to court. Those who prefer to stay within the legal boundaries should look for other options, though.

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