Is Now The Time To Invest In The Presales Instead Of The Big Coins?


As many crypto enthusiasts know, the current situation of the crypto market is especially volatile. Having suffered a dip a few weeks ago, a hesitancy hovers around the market. Over this period, many investors have struggled as their investments have significantly decreased in value. As a result of this, many investors have turned to presale projects due to their low token prices and high probability of escalating in price once launched. 

Finding a presale project with a fruitful return however, can be challenging. Diamonds scattered amongst the many rocks. Here we suggest compelling new launchpads such as BoostX and PolkaStarter

What Does It Mean For A Project To Be In Presale?

Before a project officially launches, it goes through the presale stage. This encourages investors to buy tokens early for mouth-wateringly low prices. The reason for this is simple – they value cultivating a loyal community. This will provide the project with a significant amount of support and aid its longevity. 

From an investor’s perspective, rewards can be reaped from the ground floor of an exciting and innovative new project. Bitcoin is a prime example, investors that had bought 1 BTC for $1 when it was first released would now stand to make a profit of approximately $30,000. Bitcoin did not go through a presale, though an equivalent comparison can be made. 

When investing in presale projects, it’s optimal to search for a long-term investment rather than a short fix. It is ofcourse, possible to make a fast return on an even faster sale however the more gargantuan returns tend to remain the spoils of a longer game. 

How Launchpads Play A Part In The Success Of a Presale

Since launchpads entered the market, they have proven to help investors, as well as new projects. Acting as a middleman between investors and new projects, launchpads aim to help raise funds for new crypto projects. 

Launchpads also benefit investors because most launchpads handpick each project to ensure safety and security. The fears associated with scams can be assuaged thanks to launchpads.

BoostX and PolkaStarter are prime examples of strong launchpads favourable amongst their users. Both launchpads have a diverse range of quality-controlled projects, providing users with a great choice of options. 

BoostX or PolkaStarter?

Both launchpads pass the litmus test of trustworthiness, it comes down to BoostX’s superior range and unique features to both its users and project creators alike.

One of BoostX’s stand-out features is its dynamic dashboard. Allowing project creators to customise their presale from pricing styles and rewards, the creator can have fun with their project personalising it for their investors. Conversely, investors are offered a diverse range of projects to choose from. 

Both BoostX and PolkaStarter are multi-chain platforms meaning no projects are limited to a single blockchain, supporting a diverse range. PolkaStarter focuses exclusively on decentralised crypto projects whereas BoostX has cast its net far and wide across a multitude of arenas. 

When choosing a launchpad for presale that best fulfils your criteria, it’s advisable to further your research. More about BoostX can be learned below. 



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