Is now a good time to buy Bitcoin with Turkish Lira?

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Bitcoin has gained more prominent mainstream news coverage. But the buzz is not just limited to Bitcoin’s price but also its use cases. For example, in Turkey, the Turkish Lira has hit record lows against the US Dollar and Euro over the last year.

That makes it an excellent time to invest in Bitcoin as an alternative safe haven asset or an investment itself.

2022 has been a torrid time for Bitcoin holders

Bitcoin, the world’s most popular cryptocurrency and asset class, has seen its price fall dramatically throughout 2022. Since January 1, Bitcoin has lost roughly half of its value.

It’s worth noting that this is not a new development. Bitcoin goes through cycles of bullish and bearish market momentum. However, the world’s leading cryptocurrency has overcome every downturn eventually, and it seems this bearish spell will be no different.

The question now is whether now is a good time to buy Bitcoin. Or should you wait until things get better?

The economy in Turkey is in chaos, with the Turkish Lira plummeting against the US Dollar

The Turkish economy is in crisis, and the Turkish Lira has lost most of its value against the US Dollar since the year began. The Lira is near a record low, with expectations that it will continue to fall.

The Central Bank of Turkey has been raising interest rates to stabilize its currency, but the strategy appears to have failed so far.

There are rumors that the government may intervene directly by buying up foreign currency on behalf of investors and banks.

However, that would require them to raise funds from abroad at higher interest rates than are currently available on domestic capital markets. Moreover, such a move could destabilize Turkey’s already precarious economy and weaken its currency in international markets.

Many look to Bitcoin as a safe haven against the increasing financial uncertainty in Turkey

Bitcoin is a digital currency used as a safe haven asset in times of economic uncertainty. It is decentralized and not controlled by any government or central bank, making it easier for people to invest in than fiat currencies. 

As a result, the price of bitcoin tends to increase when there is political instability or economic turmoil around the world. So it’s not surprising that BTC has gained more traction during the recent events in Turkey.

Bitcoin might be a good investment if you own Turkish Lira

The Turkish Lira has been in a state of free fall since the beginning of the year, losing more value against the US dollar. The currency has been hit hard by a combination of factors, including rising US interest rates and sanctions by Washington against Ankara after the detention of an American pastor.

If you’re based in Turkey or have invested in other assets such as real estate, Bitcoin might be an ideal safe haven to protect your wealth from further depreciation – but it’s not all plain sailing.


The recent collapse of the Turkish Lira is sending shockwaves through the world’s financial markets. So now could be the ideal time for those looking to buy Bitcoin in Turkey. 

Bitcoin has been performing well as a safe haven against the rising financial uncertainty in Turkey. If you’re looking for an alternative investment option, it might be worth giving the cryptocurrency a try!

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