Is It Possible For BudBlockz To Surpass Moonbirds?


BudBlockz is an Ethereum-friendly e-commerce platform that enables entrepreneurs and firms to legally explore and tap into opportunities in the global cannabis market. Over the long term, the platform aims to build an ecosystem where people can securely access the cannabis market while promoting product development, research, market linkages, and adoption of cannabis-based products. The platform’s native token, $BLUNT, is the primary cryptocurrency for the network and is built on the ERC-20 standard. It can be used for various transactional purposes like staking, liquidity pool provisioning, funding marketing activities, rewarding players in play-to-earn games, bonuses, signing petitions, and voting for operational proposals pitched by other community members. BudBlockz could soon surpass Moonbirds NFTs with its unique utilities.  

How Does Investing in BudBlockz Benefit Investors?

Among the cryptocurrency analysts who have reviewed BudBlockz, a large section of these experts has vouched for BudBlockz growth potential and how it offers investors multiple sources to earn passive income. For starters, there is the NFT series called the ‘Ganja Guruz’ collection. The limited-edition series features a group of creative and eclectic digital art pieces that will take you back to the video games that ruled the 1990s. 

Built on the ERC-721 standard, the total supply of these NFTs is 10,000. If one buys these NFTs, they can also become fractional owners of the cannabis dispensaries and farms that BudBlockz aims to set up simply by submitting a KYC application. Being fractional owners of these facilities, NFT buyers will also be eligible for an annual dividend. Also, they don’t have to be concerned about the upkeep of these facilities as the BudBlockz team would take care of it.

In addition, NFT buyers will also get special discount codes on BudBlockz products. However, they might have to show the required identification and state the recreational or medicinal purpose for which they intend to use the products. 

The other opportunity for users to earn passive income is via the BudBlockz Arcade, which features cannabis-based games. These games are based on popular names from 1998, like the SNS and Sega Genesis games. If they win, players are awarded $BLUNT Tokens as a prize. BudBlockz Arcade also organizes regular competitions where winners are awarded NFTs, ETH, and $BLUNT Tokens as prizes.

Moreover, the token is compatible with ERC-20 digital wallets and will be listed on both centralized as well as decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges. Buyers who purchase the $BLUNT token in-store will be eligible for rebates on BudBlockz products.

Moonbirds NFT Collection Allows Investors to Book Huge Profits

Moonbirds is a unique 10,000 NFT collection of owls. The NFTs are differentiated based on 8 rare traits. Holders of Moonbirds NFTs are entitled to membership and nesting benefits. Nesting is a mild form of staking that allows users to mint additional gains. Different tiers, such as gold, silver, and bronze, are available for users. But if the Moonbird NFT is sold, the new buyer must start nesting from scratch again. The project also plans to introduce decentralized governance by launching a DAO soon. Holders can participate in governance matters and play a role in deciding the ecosystem’s future. The team also plans to launch a metaverse known as Highrise. Holders of Moonbirds NFTs get access to exclusive events, airdrops, meetups, and upcoming projects. Moonbirds NFTs have an inherent utility tied to them, and perhaps, it is the main reason behind their success. 

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