Is Cryptocurrency the Future Of Every Casino Online?

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One cannot help but notice the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies in online casinos. Almost every new brand now has a cryptocurrency payment option, and even the older ones are beginning to add it to their lists. It makes you wonder—why the sudden attention towards these digital currencies? Why are Pragmatic Play casinos and other software developers encouraging players to use this method? What is so special about it compared to the previous traditional methods? 

This article is scripted to answer these questions lingering in your hearts. And most importantly, in the long run, is cryptocurrency the future of every online casino? Stay tuned and find out.

What Benefits Does Cryptocurrency Present Over Other Payment Methods?

If cryptos are the next-generation payment option, they must have significant benefits over the older ones. Let’s look at some extra edges they present.


Privacy is probably the biggest edge cryptocurrencies present over the other multitudes of payment methods. For credit cards, your bank has your full details and we can say the same for other payment methods. So before you can withdraw or deposit, in one way or the other, you will need to input some of your information but we can’t say the same for crypto.

Privacy is next level with crypto because it is a decentralized payment system—no one owns it. Your wallet which you will submit to withdraw from your casino has nothing relating to you, just a mixture of digits and letters.


When something guarantees your privacy, it is almost automatic that security won’t be much of a problem. If prying eyes cannot get enough information to access your account, they can’t devise any plan to steal your funds. Digital currencies are of different types like:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Tron

and many more

Each of these digital currencies is in the blockchain which is foolproof. No one can tamper with anything that will give them access to your money. So unless you are very careless, your safety with cryptocurrency is guaranteed.


Before the introduction of cryptocurrency, instant deposits existed, but instant withdrawals? No one dreamt of it. The fastest you could get your money from an online casino back then was three working days. The introduction of e-wallets made it a bit faster and you could get withdrawals within about 24 hours.

When crypto stepped into the picture, everything took a new turn. It sounded too good to be true but when players tried it, they discovered that crypto withdrawals took as little as one to two hours. Or even lesser in some cases. You will agree with us that it is a big upgrade compared to waiting for three to five working days.

Convenience and All-Round Availability

Compared to many other payment options, crypto is a better and more realistic payment option. We say this because to use it, you don’t need the presence of any physical component like a card or anything. Once you have your wallet, you can perform payment options as you wish as long as it is supported.

Should Every Casino Offer Crypto?

To be fair, not all casinos will have the luxury of offering this payment option. However, there are ways around it. While several brands have multiple options like bitcoin, ethereum, and the like, others need to just stick to one digital currency for a start. Then after the brand undergoes more growth, it can step up with more.

Wrap Up

To round up, we should answer your question directly and say yes, crypto is the future of online casinos. This payment method has it all from speed to security. Some already have it as a criterion for choosing a new casino and it is only a matter of time before everyone follows suit.

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