Is Bitcoin better than gold?

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Bitcoin and gold are two of the most popular stores of value in the world. But how do they compare? We’ll look at the unique characteristics of each asset, how they’re similar and where they diverge.

The last decade has seen Bitcoin’s volatility, making it a fantastic investment asset

Its price history is a perfect example of this, with the currency going from $0 to over $20,000 in just ten years. In this period, there have been plenty of ups and downs for Bitcoin investors. 

That trend has continued in the ’20s, resulting in ample volatility. The latest incident involving FTX has cast another dark shadow over market excitement. 

Gold is considered as a stable and predictable asset, especially in times of economic uncertainty.

Gold has been used as a store of value for thousands of years, and it’s still one of the most commonly traded commodities today. That makes gold an attractive investment option for diversifying a portfolio. As such, it is worth exploring the various gold IRA benefits one can unlock. 

Bitcoin can be traded much quicker than physical gold

Bitcoin and gold are both highly liquid assets. However, it takes days for physical gold to be transferred from one location to another, whereas Bitcoin can be traded 24/7 with almost no delay. Moreover, using the leading cryptocurrency is far cheaper.

Bitcoin has the potential to be a more accessible form of money for many people around the world

Those interested in the history of money will note that gold has served as a form of currency for centuries. Over time, it has become identified with wealth and status. Even today, you can find some people who prefer to use bartering systems over cash or credit card transactions.

Bitcoin has many characteristics that make it an attractive alternative to gold:

  • It’s tangible.
  • Its value is not easily manipulated by third parties.
  • You can use it to store value.
  • You can trade Bitcoin for other goods and services.

It also allows users to send payments directly from peer-to-peer rather than through an intermediary, which means lower transaction costs. But what makes Bitcoin truly special is its potential to be more accessible than traditional forms of money.

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It’s essential to understand the differences between these two assets to know how they complement each other

Bitcoin is not an investment; it’s a currency. Bitcoin may be volatile and unpredictable, but it is not a good store of value for long-term capital preservation—and that’s where gold comes in. Gold has been around for thousands of years and has become synonymous with “stability” due to its intrinsic nature:

  • It doesn’t rust or decay like other metals.
  • It’s easy to identify by shape and color.
  • It can easily be melted down into smaller pieces if needed 

Gold is also more liquid than most other assets since it can be stored safely. Unfortunately, that same thought doesn’t always apply to hard drives or mobile devices. 

The lack of bullion liquidity means that people don’t have access when they need cash quickly. That makes gold less useful as collateral when borrowing money from banks.


The question of which is better – gold or bitcoin – is one that may never truly have a definitive answer. 

Both are valuable assets, but they have different characteristics that make them appropriate for different uses. Bitcoin is much more liquid than gold and can be traded quicker, while gold has historically been used as a hedge against economic uncertainty or other crises. 

In addition, both assets have the potential to become more accessible forms of money for many people.

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