Is Basic Attention Token still active, or has AI crypto shifted the narratives for Web3 projects?

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Privacy is at the core of crypto. Despite blockchains having publicly accessible data, the lack of association with addresses to individuals means there is a degree of privacy to transacting with crypto, which also manages to be a trustless system. With most people wanting some sort of privacy for their financial transactions, it is a wonder that they don’t then want to ensure that their internet data is being kept private.

What Is Basic Attention Token?

Basic Attention Token (BAT) is a cryptocurrency used in a closed payments system implemented by the Brave browser.

Based on the Chromium web browser, Brave is a free and open-source online browser created by Brave Software, Inc. Brave is a privacy-focused browser that, in its basic settings, automatically blocks most advertisements and website trackers. This removal of trackers should be at the forefront of people’s minds, as their data is distributed around large corporations for abuse, like a cookie at the proverbial soggy biscuit shootout.

Users have the option to enable optional advertisements that pay them in BAT. This means that revenue generated from adverts is partially directed to the viewers of the adverts themselves. This is incredibly forward-thinking from the Brave developers, who saw that the market was biased towards bombarding the general public with advertisements, consensual or not.

Is Basic Attention A Good Investment?

That remains to be seen. BAT has seen an incredible fall from grace as the token has slid over 90% in the past year. With user being given BAT for their advertisement views and the marketing industry suffering from a financial world crisis, BAT is being sold at unprecedented rates. For those asking if BAT is a good investment, most analysts are giving a firm no for at least the next few years.

AI Narrative

Along with the explosion in popularity of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, generative AI, and related technologies, traders anticipate that artificial intelligence will be the next big thing in blockchain. As a result, AI coins and their native tokens are in demand. Future cryptocurrency trends are expected to be dominated by currencies that revolve around artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is already used for many things, including defeating human chess players and self-driving vehicles. Future cryptocurrency currencies, according to experts, will emphasize robotics and virtual reality. In actuality, there are a lot of AI tokens available.

Avorak AI is one of those new assets on the market that is turning heads and drawing huge investments. With a set market cap on launch, no matter how much an individual invests, those with the largest holding from purchasing in the ICO look set to generate tremendous profit after the launch, as a $10m market cap for a suite of trading, image generation, and AI writing tools seems incredibly undervalued.

With ICOs in bear market historically gaining investors by far the largest profits, this is a solid pick for generating a new generation of wealth.

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