Is Avorak AI a Security? – Why AI Crypto Can Avoid The Same SEC Trouble XRP Is Facing

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As the SEC XRP lawsuit progresses into 2023, the AI crypto world is taking notes to avoid future crossroads with the SEC and subsequent losses. The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) alleges that Ripple (XRP) is a security and that Ripple Labs engaged in a years-long scheme to sell XRP to retail investors without registering it as a security. The SEC further claims that Ripple Labs paid exchanges to list XRP, which is a violation of securities laws.

As the crypto world awaits the outcome of the lawsuit with bated breath, Avorak AI is launching its ICO, having taken care of pertinent regulations.

Likely After Effects of SEC XRP Lawsuit Outcome

The anticipated landmark ruling could present several scenarios. If the courts rule in SEC’s favor, XRP could face regulatory action. As a result, a crypto crackdown order could be issued on the cryptocurrency industry, and non-compliant cryptos may be subjected to regulations. However, regulating the crypto space could mean the Government’s ratification of cryptocurrency.

Should the court agrees that XRP is not a security, Ripple Labs would be cleared, and this outcome would be a welcome victory for the cryptocurrency industry as a whole. Either way, the outcome will provide clarity on the regulatory line of cryptocurrencies.

Is Avorak AI a Security?

Avorak AI is a blockchain-based artificial intelligence solution that offers advanced technology, reliable data sources, and security monitoring systems to provide users with the highest level of security. Avorak AI is rolling out deep learning capabilities to ensure that users access the most up-to-date AI algorithms available. As such, customers can rely on Avorak AI to provide them with the latest and most accurate insights in line with their specific requirements.

Avorak AI commits to safeguarding customer data and ensuring compliance with applicable regulations. This is particularly important given its ICO and the increasing focus on data privacy and security in today’s digital landscape. By prioritizing the protection of customer data and compliance with relevant regulations, Avorak AI is putting its house in order in case SEC wins and launches a crypto crackdown on non-compliant projects.

In its commitment to compliance, Avorak AI subjected its systems to a audit, which returned a clean and sound outcome. The audit considered the platform transparent and capable of securing investor funds. To use the services provided by Avorak AI, you need to subscribe to them, and the payment will be via the AVRK token. This means that the AVRK token is the currency used to pay for Avorak AI services or to buy credits to use within the ecosystem.

Phase 1 of the Avorak AI project pegs AVRK at $0.06 but will increase as presale live progresses to subsequent phases. AVRK is a crucial component of the Avorak AI ecosystem and provides a seamless and convenient way to access the various services and products offered by the platform. In addition, its limited token supply of 40 million and its deflationary nature strike off any concerns of it being security.


It is paramount to note that AI crypto projects also carry risks, such as regulatory compliance and investor protection actions, that must be carefully managed. Nevertheless, with the right approach and vision, through its whitepaper, Avorak AI projects have the potential to drive significant innovation and growth in the years to come.

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