Ireland has manifested its interest towards blockchain technology before, yet a recently-launched initiative will bring Ireland closer to realizing its potential of becoming a global blockchain hub.

Understanding the Market with Blockchain Ireland

The Irish Blockchain Expert Group (IBEG), which is led by a state agency called the IDA is looking to serve as a vehicle to promote and enhance the blockchain industry in Ireland. In order to do so, the IBEG in conjunction with the IDA has just launched the brand new Blockchain Ireland platform.

To put things into perspective, the platform will have several purposes: firstly, it will gather and provide data on the country’s blockchain ecosystem, and secondly, it will assist in promoting Ireland as a global hub for blockchain innovation.

In a recent press statement, Keith Fingleton, the CIO of IDA Ireland, mentioned that:

“IBEG, and the Blockchain Ireland initiative will assist blockchain projects and businesses in leveraging the beneficial environment in Ireland to foster increased innovation, and develop a national, European, and international blockchain ecosystem.”

The IDA department has also stated that the initiative is currently backed by numerous public and private entities within the country, such as the Department of Finance, Enterprise Ireland and ConsenSys.

Those who access the platform will be able to seek support for their projects, learn about newly-established blockchain platforms, attend events, and see an overview of the international and domestic stakeholders for the market.

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