IOV Labs and Coinsilium Seek to Expand RSK Adoption Across Asia

Smart Contract Illustration

Bitcoin’s native smart contract platform goes by the name of RSK. Its parent company, IOV Labs, has announced a joint venture with Coinsilium.

The main objective of this venture is to expand the presence of RSK across Asia.

Pushing RSK Adoption Further in Asia

To do so, the joint venture will bring £250,000 to the table.

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Coinsilium and IOV Labs have a working relationship in Singapore already, through the local RSK Adoption Hub.

It is all part of a bigger plan for IOV Labs, as they want to “conquer” Asia in the coming years.

Previous crucial ventures include an alliance with BinaryStar in Japan and Tribe accelerator in Singapore.

With this new investment, further joint initiatives will be launched.

Those will, in turn, try to push adoption of RSK’s products to new levels.

This includes both the native smart contract layer as well as RIF OS blockchain solutions. 

It is crucial for Bitcoin to receive the same similar decentralized applications support that Ethereum and other blockchains have received. 

Developers can experiment with digital identities, agreements, and finalizing commercial transactions without third parties. 

This new joint venture also strokes with Asia’s ongoing blockchain agenda.

New partnerships and projects are announced every single week.

As such, now is the time to strike for RSK, particularly in regions that are genuinely warming up to blockchain.

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