IOTA Users can now Purchase MIOTA Through the Trinity Wallet

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Making cryptocurrencies more accessible and convenient is an ongoing process. For IOTA users, it is now possible to purchase MIOTA through the Trinity wallet. 

Most IOTA users are familiar with the Trinity wallet.

A Different way of Buying IOTA

It is the go-to solution to send, receive, and store funds accordingly.

By actively adding more functionality to the wallet, an important step is taken. 

In a recent blog post, it is explained what Trinity users can look forward to.

Users can directly purchase MIOTA from the wallet, courtesy of MoonPay. 

Interestingly enough, this integration provides a fiat currency onramp for IOTA enthusiasts.

It is possible to obtain MIOTA by using a credit or debit card.

Payment cards remain the most prominent and convenient payment methods around the world.

The downside to this option is how users pay a fee of at least 4.99 euro per transaction.

Convenience often comes at a cost, especially in the cryptocurrency industry.

Over time, the IOTA team hopes to see the convenience of card payments outweigh the fees, at least form a psychological perspective.

Future versions of this integration will also enable bank account transfers for GBP and EUR transactions.

What is remarkable is how no KYC verification is required for IOTA purchases of 150 euro or less.

It is unclear if this applies to a 150 euro limit in general, or resets per individual transaction.

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