IOTA Suffered From a Value Transfer bug Last Week

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Cryptocurrency networks should never grind to a halt. In the case of several altcoins, such incidents are somewhat common, yet there isn’t a real reason to panic according to the IOTA developers.

The IOTA network has run into a very annoying, albeit temporary, issue once again.

Another IOTA Issue Pops up

Late last week, it appeared as if the network’s transaction throughput nearly dropped to zero.

While the Tangle was still operational, the value transfers were not confirming on the network.

Apparently, this has to do with the IOTA Coordinator “overseeing” these transfers. 

David Sonsetbo was quick to address the situation on Discord.

In his opinion, it was a minor issue that would not cause too many problems.

This issue serves as another example why the team is looking to replace the Coordinator altogether.

A Coordicide system is expected to be put in place in a future iteration of the network. 

However, that will only happen when and if all of the possible kinks have been ironed out.

The temporary unavailability of confirmations is a very bug problem.

Even so, it is labeled as a “minor incident”. 

Why bugs like these are still allowed to exist, is a matter of debate.

One can only hope it is the final time such an issue cripples the IOTA network.

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