IOTA Prices Inches Closer to $0.5 as Trondheim Experiment Gains Attention

CryptoMode IOTA Price Momentum

A lot of things are happening in the world of cryptocurrency right now. Although nearly none of the major currencies are moving up, IOTA is a very interesting oddity in this department. It has a small uptrend in both USD and BTC value, which effectively makes it worth keeping an eye on A push to $0.5 might be a bridge too far, though.

IOTA Price Trend Starts Taking Shape

It is rather uncanny how all top cryptocurrencies remain so utterly unappealing to invest in throughout most of 2018. This year has been very boring in that regard, and it seems no major changes will materialize in the coming weeks. For the time being, any coin noting a small uptrend is immediately of great value, as people are thirsting for any sort of profit.

In the case of IOTA, there is a small uptrend across both USD and BTC value over the past 24 hours. Although both gains are relatively small, this 2% jump is pretty interesting to keep an eye on overall. As such, one has to wonder if this uptrend will remain in place for long, as anything can happen in this industry.

The big news of the day is how IOTA is making inroads in Trondheim. It appears this technology is being used for a rather big experiment involving smart buildings There are numerous opportunities to explore when it comes to deploying smart technology, and it appears Trondheim sees a lot of merit in this particular project.

Besides this new development, it doesn’t appear as if anything significant is going on where IOTA is concerned. Bot Invest is buying IOTA for BTC on Huobi right now in the expectation of striking a profit over the coming hours or days. It will be interesting to see where the IOTA/BTC ratio ends up at in the coming days.

According to InfoCrypto, the IOTA market is subject to a reversal signal. Under traditional circumstances, that would mean its value will undergo a rather big uptrend in the coming hours, although it is unclear if that can effectively materialize in the coming hours. There is a lot of negative market pressure across all cryptocurrencies, and IOTA is no exception.

While the current IOTA momentum appears rather promising, one has to keep in mind there isn’t sufficient trading volume to make anything happen in a significant manner. That in itself is always worrisome, as all cryptocurrencies suffer from subdued trading volume for some time now. For IOTA, the coming hours will be crucial in many different ways.

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