IOTA Developers are Working on a Digital Identity Solution

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It is crucial for blockchain firms and projects to keep growing and evolving. The IOTA project is seemingly doing so, as they shift the focus to digital identity.

In this day of modern technology, the search for secure online digital identity solutions has intensified.

Another Step Forward for IOTA

Unfortunately for consumers and corporations, the number of available options remains fairly limited.

This allows other players to enter the market in an attempt to make their mark.

For the IOTA team, that mark may come in the form of the Unified Identity Protocol built on top of the Tangle. 

This new solution would be able to address the lack of online trust between different parties. 

Although the project is mostly a whitepaper right now, the information found within is fairly interesting in its own right. 

As major technology firms such as Google and Facebook continue to harvest consumer data, one has to wonder what consumers can do to protect themselves. 

Building a decentralized digital identity ecosystem is something the IOTA team has very high hopes for. 

In the first months of 2020, there will be more information regarding this new venture by IOTA. 

An early implementation of the Digital identity framework is available on GitHub, albeit there is still plenty of work to be done.

An experimental application utilizing this technology should become available in the next four to seven months. 

This venture shows how versatile IOTA and the Tangle truly are.

Unlocking new use cases and services will always remain a top priority. 

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