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WannaCry remains one of the more prominent ransomware strains to have ever been created. Although the threat is seemingly subdued, the malware itself isn’t dead and forgotten. In fact, there are concerns over IoT devices becoming a target for this particular strain. 

The WannaCry Revival Could Happen

It has been a while since the real WannaCry ransomware attack took place. Such a devastating event will be engraved in the minds of everyone who witnessed it. It was a very powerful attack that affected significant parts of the world at the same time. Whereas many people think – or hope – this threat is gone once and for all, the reality is very different. 

First of all, the number of ransomware attacks against US companies is still rising. Despite a clear warning earlier this year, little has been done to address the problems. It doesn’t cost much to execute such an attack, and there is little risk of discovery. Combined with the monetary side of things, it creates a very dangerous cocktail,

Second, there is a growing number of internet-connected devices. The Internet of Things hardware segment poses a nice target. Hackers can target these devices, as they are less frequently monitored. Even enterprise-grade IoT solutions remain extremely vulnerable to attacks of all kinds. 

Figuring out who is responsible for IoT security is another problem. Discussions like these often arise after the damage has been done. Being proactive is absolutely crucial where WannaCry is concerned. After all, it affected over 200,000 computers. It can achieve even greater numbers of IoT devices ever become a viable target. 

WannaCry Remains Prevalent

The reason why these debates pop up now is due to the new report by Safety Devices. It confirms that nearly 50% of all reported US ransomware incidents occur through WannaCry. While there are many different malware strains to choose from, this one – combined with other EternalBlue malware exploits – remains prominent. It is a great way to attack Windows-based devices, even after so many years.

It is evident that solutions will need to be found. That is much easier said than done, unfortunately. With no unified IoT security standards to speak of, and every manufacturer doing their own thing, a problematic situation ensues. The coming years may become rather problematic where ransomware attacks are concerned. 


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