iOS Users May Not Be Able To See Their MOON Vault

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There appears to be some confusion among Reddit users who have lost visible access to their MOON Vault. It appears the iOS application has a bug that prevents users from checking their funds. Logging in through a computer is still working, and no one is losing their MOON tokens whatsoever.

Reddit MOON Vault Issues

Many people still have high hopes for MOON, the native ERC-20 token issued to active users on the /r/cryptocurrency subsection. As the value of MOON is performing somewhat decently, it is essential to keep tabs on this “free money” many people received. While there is no real demand for this asset in terms of trading volume – or exchanges willing to list it – no one wants to lose access to these funds either.

At this time, it would appear that many people have issues accessing their MOON vault on the iOS mobile application. Android users are – so far – unaffected by this visual bug, which is rather interesting. It is important to note this is a visual bug and not an actual “disappearance” of one’s MOON vault, A visual bug like this is annoying and can cause some confusion.

For users who want to make sure their funds are SAFU, accessing the MOON vault through the PC works just fine. A fix for the iOS bug should be made available fairly soon, as this is an annoying development for many Reddit users. It remains unclear why this only happens on iOS and not Android or PC, although that may be good to put people’s minds at ease.

As Reddit has yet to offer any explanation why this happened, there is a lot of speculation. The introduction of MOONS has been met with enthusiasm, as it creates value for subreddit users. While a MOON is not too valuable at this time, several services have been built to make the tokens a bit more practical. There is still a very long way to go on this front, however.

More Exchange Listings Are Needed

It is essential for those who have high hopes for the MOON token to look at the current trading landscape. The token has very few trading pairs at this time. Most of the volume comes from HoneySwap and Sushiswap, where users can exchange the Reddit token against xDAI. Swap and Uniswap also support this token, yet note no trading volume in the past day.

Getting listed on more exchanges would be an exciting first step for the token. However, there is no real interest by major exchanges to explore this option right now. With so little trading volume across the existing platforms and the xDAI trading pair being the only viable option, it seems unlikely much will change. 

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