Investors Throng the BTCBSC Presale – The Hot Stake-to-Earn Bitcoin Alternative is Moving Toward a Rapid Sell-out


The crypto market is going through a period that can be best described as weird. The global crypto market cap is down to $1.03T, but credible assets are showing resilience against the turbulence.

Investors are using the short-term dips as opportunities to expand their portfolios of BTC and ETH among other promising assets. With Bitcoin halving only a few months away and BTC price projections at $100,000, the downturn comes as a boon to many.

The crypto that has sent the market to a fervor this month, however, is BTCBSC – A bitcoin alternative built on BNB Smart Chain. The traffic to the ongoing presale of BTCBSC is growing, hinting at a 20X-25X price rise on the token launch. Given that the presale is selling out fast, it won’t be long before the token debuts on tier-1 exchanges.

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Here is an analysis of BTCBSC and whether it lives up to the hype.

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An Opportunity to Get Back into Bitcoin Mania

Bitcoin is selling for $25,822.73 now. You may find it low since the coin was selling above $60K at one point. But we should also consider the fact that Bitcoin was selling for a dollar long before it became a rage. Back then, it was confined to tech geeks and insiders. Not actively confined, the broader market hadn’t gotten a hang of cryptocurrencies yet.

Those who picked up the trend early and understood its long-term potential used the chance to secure their future. That is the reason why it is so important to think ahead, independently.

Following the herd will only get you so far.

Let’s say you buy $25,822.73 now and by the second half of 2024 the BTC price rises to $100,000. That translates to less than 300% profits. It’s not bad, but compared to what you might have made had you invested in BTC when it was selling for $1, it is remarkably low.

That’s what the Bitcoin mania is all about. There is no point in buying BTC hoping for similar results now. Instead, you need to find promising new gems with low market caps.

Bitcoin BSC is a new cryptocurrency that gives everyday crypto enthusiasts the chance to get back into Bitcoin mania at a price that was only available to tech geeks and insiders. Selling for $0.99 now, the token uses BNB Smart Chain’s smart contract functionality, thus delivering better speed, security, and efficiency.


Earn Passive Income by Staking

It’s important to note that Bitcoin BSC is neither a fork of Bitcoin, nor a pump-and-dump scheme devised to deceive gullible investors. It is a stake-to-earn cryptocurrency that provides daily income to stakers.

In other words, you don’t just benefit from value appreciation when investing in BTCBSC. You also win attractive APY for many years to come.

  • As long as you hold the token and stake it in the native smart contract of BTCBSC, you will be eligible for passive income.
  • 69% of the total token supply is set aside as staking rewards. It is paid out to participants as rewards every 10 minutes, simulating the block schedule of Bitcoin.
  • You can buy and stake BTCBSC at any time you wish, even after the presale. There are no restrictions. But there is a 7-day lock on withdrawals. The rewards you earn are determined by your percentage of the total staking pool.

Since BTCBSC is built on BNB Smart Chain, there is the added benefit of lower gas fees. The transactions are also quicker and cheaper than Ethereum, one of the most efficient blockchains out there.

Now Selling for $0.99 – The BTC Price in 2011

You can now grab BTCBSC for just $0.99 per token. Interestingly, this is the price that BTC was selling for back in 2011. If BTCBSC puts forth a performance that is even a single-digit percentage of BTC, early investors have generous rewards waiting for them.

The opportunity is not to be missed out on.

The presale allocation of BTCBSC is 29% of the total token supply or 6,125,000 tokens. The maximum supply of BTCBSC is 21,000,000 tokens. That makes the initial market cap $6,063,750 and leaves the token plenty of room for growth. An explosive price action is clearly on the horizon.

And as discussed above, the remaining 14,455,000 BTCBSC is reserved for staking rewards.

Act Before It’s Too Late

BTCBSC is one of the most promising cryptocurrencies to enter the market this year. It has the potential to go anywhere from 10X-15X within days of making its debut listing and up to 50X in a year.

You can now buy BTCBSC for the presale price of $0.99 with BNB, ETH, and USDT.



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