Investors shift from Optimism (OP) and Cronos (CRO) to Yachtify (YCHT) as token presale gains traction


Yachtify (YCHT) has captured the attention of investors within the Optimism (OP) and Cronos (CRO) communities, as they flock towards the revolutionary platform designed to transform yacht investment.

Yachtify’s groundbreaking platform is set to revolutionize the way people own yachts, as it enables everyone to become yacht owners and earn profits by renting or leasing them to individuals and businesses worldwide.

Yachtify (YCHT) – enabling easier access to yacht ownership

Yachtify’s sole aim is to disrupt the luxury yacht industry, valued at over $100 billion, by democratizing fractional yacht ownership for investors, regardless of their income levels. Through the platform’s native token, $YCHT, investors can purchase fractional NFTs that represent real-world boats and yachts. These yachts can be leased or sold to charter businesses and high-profile individuals, generating income.

To ensure investor security, Yachtify will back all investments with real assets, while InterFi Network has audited the platform. Yachts will also be stored in highly secure ports worldwide. Investors who buy $YCHT will receive VIP benefits and access to Yachtify’s marketplace and lending platform.

While established cryptocurrencies like Optimism (OP) and Cronos (CRO) exist, $YCHT has the potential to emerge as a blue-chip crypto in the future. Analysts predict a 40x increase in $YCHT’s value in the coming months, making early investment a wise decision. The first phase of $YCHT’s token presale is currently ongoing, with each token priced at $0.10. Remember, early investment in promising ventures can lead to high returns.


Optimism (OP) faces sharp decline

The governing body of Optimism (OP), Token House, has given the green light to the Mainnet upgrade for Optimism Bedrock, which enhances simplicity, modularity and security. The upgrade is intended to increase throughput and sync speeds and reduce transaction fees, leading to a 47% decrease in protocol and security expenses.

The proposal for the Bedrock expansion achieved the highest voter turnout in Optimism (OP) Governance history, with 27.945 Optimism (OP) tokens in favor and 37.217k $OP against it. Meanwhile, Optimism’s (OP) native token has plunged 2.20% today to $1.71. The token has recorded a 21.18% price decrease in the past 7 days.’s Cronos (CRO) token fails to attract investors

Cronos (CRO) coin serves as’s native token and offers three primary functionalities: payment, trading and financial services. Holders of the Cronos (CRO) coin are supposed to enjoy numerous benefits like discounted fees and higher earnings for lending. Unfortunately, it appears the token has not lived up to expectations and investors have grown wary of the token.

At press time, the price of Cronos (CRO) is $0.065404, with a 24-hour trading volume of $6,177,445. In the past 24 hours, there has been a 1.19% price decline and a 10.11% price decrease in the past 7 days. Also, the trading volume of Cronos (CRO) in the last 24 hours is $6,177,445, indicating a -35.40% decrease from one day ago, which suggests a recent fall in market activity.

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