Invest wisely with $GBEZOS deflationary token

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Deflation is a negative aspect in traditional financial systems, but it is a positive factor in cryptocurrencies.  

Why? That’s because in a deflationary cryptocurrency the supply of coins is decreasing. In other words, as the number of coins in circulation falls, the value of each unit increases. 

Almost a year ago, deflationary tokens became very popular. And as the time has passed, those tokens’ circulating supply has decreased with the goal of keeping the market from becoming oversaturated while increasing the value. 

$GBEZOS is the ultimate deflationary token launched recently on the ERC-20 network. It comes with many more advantages and a fresh vision.  

Keep reading to learn how to invest more profitably with the $GBEZOS token. 

The advantages of GBEZOS 

$GBEZOS is a fair lunch token, coming with an easy-to-understand roadmap that will ensure the token’s utility. $GBEZOS has a locked liquidity pool and a smart contract oriented to long-term value growth.  

The token has a total supply of 1T. Yet, for increasing the token prices and tilting the supply/demand ratio, the $GBEZOS smart contract burns liquidity tokens regularly to reduce the total supply. Also, its liquidity pool is a long-term lock.   

Moreover, $GBEZOS comes with attractive advantages, such as utility, automatic burns, and solid marketing.  

Utility: The utility of the token can be seen in the fact that it will be listed on several exchanges for simple transactions. After that, it will serve as the foundation for the GBEZOS wallet. The GBEZOS wallet is storing, among others, tokens and NFTs, which is basically the whole GBEZOS NFT platform ecosystem. This is important for the token holders because they will get a revenue from the money generated by the GBEZOS NFT platform. Moreover, the funds raised through the platform will also be used for NFTs, stable coin-staking, and STRONG nodes. 

Automatic burns: are used to increase the token price and tilt the supply/demand ratio. $GBEZOS’ smart contract burns liquidity tokens regularly to reduce the total supply.  

Solid marketing: The Gold Bezos project team has created a detailed marketing strategy to acquire as much public attention as possible. Call channels, Twitter, Youtube influencers, and real-world techniques like billboards and outdoor advertisements will be used to target their audience. 


The platform is based on a Jeff Bezos meme and developed by an experienced software development team that will provide market-leading dApp utilities for the $GBEZOS project.     

According to the creators, what is sure about $GBEZOS token is that it will never stop growing. Why? Because it has numerous deflationary methods.   

The main scope is to create more money for the GBEZOS’ ecosystem, so the concept tries to reward its members in many ways. If these still didn’t sound convincing, you must know that besides the numerous deflationary methods, the token’s long-term value is supported by a locked liquidity pool and a growth-oriented smart contract, which are also significant advantages.   

Join the community 

$GBEZOS is a decentralized crypto network that has been earned, owned, and governed by the community since its inception. Everyone in the community can participate on an equal footing. There is no pre-mine, early access, or token allocation. 

Moreover, $GBEZOS intends to grow organically over time. So, if you want to be a part of the journey, the GoldBezos team would be grateful if you join an ever-growing community that values fair development. Visit GoldBezos’ website to learn more! 

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