Invest Now in BudBlockz (BLUNT) And Fantom (FTM) To Make Big Profits In 2023


Most projects will typically not pass an initially set all-time high point unless there is a significant bullish run within the industry. A cryptocurrency reaches an all-time high value and then dips later on.

However, some projects are ever-evolving and can exceed expectations in terms of growth throughout the next decade. Today, we will focus on two projects- BudBlockz and Fantom. Investors stand a chance to make a big profit by investing in them in 2023.


BudBlockz is Bringing a Fresh Perspective to the Cryptocurrency Market

When investing in BudBlockz, you open yourself to a brand-new cryptocurrency and sector. BudBlockz is a decentralized ecosystem running on the Ethereum network. It enables users to access the marijuana market across the world in a secure, confidential, and decentralized system. It is profitable, secure, and has a private utility coin that enables cannabis enthusiasts to trade in the global market. Several countries have legalized cannabis, while others are taking measures to legalize it.

The BLUNT token is the first of its kind in the cryptocurrency community. Its eCommerce platform has been developed for cannabis enthusiasts. However, it is not exclusive to just that. The BudBlockz project uses decentralized blockchain technology to improve the transaction process for its users.

With the BLUNT token, users can make transactions with cannabis companies and clients. Thus, you can use the token in farms, factors, dispensaries, factories, and other marijuana-based businesses incorporated in the BudBlockz protocol. The token regulates the system to ascertain fair and transparent trading for anyone using the cryptocurrency.

The crypto project aims to operate a weed-friendly environment. This means it operates in an area where its users can get access to cannabis legally. With BLUNT, the identity of the client is secured and protected.

The cannabis industry is growing in several countries, leading to its popularity. Despite this, the billion-dollar industry still faces some challenges. One of the primary challenges is its transaction process. BudBlockz aims to solve this problem with its blockchain smart contract. It is developed on blockchain technology that ensures instant transactions with higher security. Its decentralized feature eliminates the involvement of commercial banks and their big transaction fees. Plus, it paves the way for a new era in the marijuana industry.

BudBlockz has a vast ecosystem featuring partial ownership of marijuana-based organizations and products.

To buy coins, users have to become official community members. All you have to do is buy the Ganja Guruz collection. The Ganja Guruz collection is a collection of unique artwork. The platform will only release 10,000 Ganja Guruz tokens on Ethereum.

The crypto market has been in the winter phase, impacting several smaller projects and large coins, causing the market price to drop. Several projects have seen significant drops and sluggish prices.

Investors are making their way toward the BLUNT token because of its huge potential. The token had sold out even before the end of the private sale. Now, the second presale stage is in progress. Making the token have an incredible track record from its beginning stages.


Fantom, the Ethereum Killer has a Bright Future

Fantom is another cryptocurrency project that can generate considerable gains since its growing credentials as the prospective Ethereum killer. It has an edge as a platform for decentralized applications comes from its ability to enable relatively low-fee and efficient systems. The super-fast blockchain and Fantom’s lower transaction fee continue to attract many users and developers.

Fantom is an open-source platform for decentralized applications and enterprise apps. The investing community welcomes it with great enthusiasm. It is one of the most stable cryptocurrency projects after the FTX exchange collapse, which has rattled the industry. It has displayed proof of digital assets and non-cryptocurrency assets. The token remains well-positioned to benefit in the long run.

Its one-of-a-kind consensus mechanism called Lachesis is the primary reason it stands out. The crypto features smart contract support and provides different tools that can make it effective and simple for developers to integrate existing dApps, develop a new one, and be a part of the incredible reward system.

FTM is the native crypto across the broader Fantom ecosystem, and users can use it for governance and staking. It can also be used to pay for the network fees.

Bottom Line

No doubt, investors are buying BLUNT and FTM tokens. These projects have been greeted with unprecedented enthusiasm. They have bright futures as they are performing incredibly well in the present cryptocurrency space. The cannabis industry is projected to grow over $200 billion in the next ten years. The practical adoption of the blockchain system is expected to grow tremendously since scalability goals can be achieved.

Thus, cannabis enthusiasts will invest more in the token to buy cannabis products. This, in turn, will increase its value. Similar is the case with FTM. Its growth will be tremendous because Blockchain users are looking for cheaper, faster, and more productive Blockchain platforms than before.

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