Invest In DigiToads (TOADS), EOS (EOS), and Near Protocol (NEAR) To Maximize Your Gains


The best way to maximize gains in the burgeoning cryptocurrency sector is to invest in projects set to play a key role amid the digital revolution. DigiToads (TOADS) is one project poised for significant gains while offering new ways for people to earn while investing in blockchain technology. EOS and Near Protocol (NEAR) are also destined for greatness and significant gains in enhancing the creation of decentralized applications and smart contracts.

DigiToads For Optimum Passive Income

DigiToads’ edge as a project for long-term value stems from its proven utility around play to earn and NFT staking. The Ethereum-based project is already sending shockwaves in presale, with its native TOADS raking up more than $2.1 million in early investment. The growing investments have to do with the project offering new ways for people to earn while doing what they love.

The innovative platform has established a Web 3 game that allows people to play their favorite game and, in return, earn by competing with others. In the Web 3 game, people only have to acquire and nurture DigiToads by purchasing food portions and training equipment. The purchase is made through TOADS tokens, allowing DigiToads to develop unique characteristics in the swamp arena.

At the end of each gaming season, players with the largest and strongest DigiToads stand to walk away with rewards in Toads tokens. Setting aside 50% of all the amount generated from the sale of in-game items will ensure that 25% of players in the leaderboard get rewarded for playing the game.

In addition to playing the game, people also stand to benefit from staking their non-fungible tokens in the ecosystem. DigiToads has established an NFT staking platform whereby 2% of all transaction fees are to be used to reward people who stake their NFTs to enhance liquidity levels in the ecosystem.

The network will also have monthly trading competitions designed to enhance trading and liquidity levels. Winners of the monthly trading competitions are to walk away with prizes in Platinum Toads.

TOADS is the currency that will power the entire DigiToad ecosystem. It will act as a means of settling transaction fees and purchasing in-game items. The deflationary token has its total supply capped at 585M to ensure it does not get inflated over time. There is also a token-burning mechanism that will reduce supply over time, creating scarcity that should help bolster its value amid high demand.

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EOS Redefining dApps Development

EOS is another token flying high as the overall cryptocurrency sector turns bullish after last year’s deep correction. The native token which powers the EOS blockchain is already up by more than 30% for the year amid renewed interest in projects likely to shape the development of smart contracts and decentralized applications.

While EOS is entangled in fierce competition with Cardano and Ethereum on the development of dApps, its edge stems from its feeless transactions. The blockchain can cover transaction fees through the inflation of its token.

Therefore, the zero transaction fees continue to attract developers into the ecosystem, thus triggering demand for the EOS token. In addition, the token is eliciting strong interest in decentralized finance as the blockchain can process 4,000 transactions per second.

Near Protocol (NEAR)

Near Protocol friendly developer platform has been the main catalyst fueling the strong performance of its native NEAR token. The token is already up by more than 60% for the year as developers flock to the blockchain to develop dApps and smart contracts using various languages, including Rust and Assembly.

In addition, Near Protocol accrues its edge on its blockchain, supporting higher speed and low-cost transactions. Its near-instant settlement times and low fees have also made it an ideal project for decentralized finance. Its ability to process 100,000 transactions per second has also made it perfect for enabling cross-border transactions.

Bottom Line

DigiToads offers an exciting and reliable way of accruing maximum gains on price appreciation as it is currently trading at a discount in presale. The project continues to elicit strong demand with over $2.1 million already sold in presale. Listing on a major exchange should see TOADS tokens explode in value as people resort to the project for NFT shaking and P2E. Therefore, the project offers an exciting way of accruing significant gains in the burgeoning sector with over 450% gains expected.

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