Invest And Earn Immediately With Oryen (ORY), Pancakeswap (CAKE), Spookyswap (BOO) And Curve (CRV)


With inflation rapidly climbing and fiat losing value every single day, investors must turn to digital assets if they want to stay ahead of the market and continue generating profits. An ideal strategy for investors to deploy in the current market is the creation of a passive income-focused portfolio. Instead of waiting for capital appreciation, investors earn income daily, building their crypto stack throughout the bear market. 

The secret to wealth is passive income, and the best DeFi protocols for investors looking to put their assets to use are Oryen (ORY), PancakeSwap (CAKE), Spookyswap (BOO), and Curve (CRV).

Oryen (ORY)

Oryen establishes a new standard within DeFi, delivering profits to investors directly instead of building a bloated treasury fund. ORY is a positive rebase token providing investors with a fixed 90% APY, with a daily ROI (Return on Investment) of 0.177%. Oryen’s developers created OAT (Oryen Autostaking Technic), which guarantees investors receive the most efficient yields by auto staking and auto compounding their tokens. And the best thing about the Oryen protocol is its ease of use. Tokens are automatically staked from investors’ wallets, so all investors have to do is buy, hold, and earn. 

PancakeSwap (CAKE)

A leading DeFi exchange based on the Binance Smart Chain. PancakeSwap provides the governance and liquidity incentive token CAKE to investors who supply liquidity to the protocol. This liquidity enables low slippage permissionless swaps for traders globally. CAKE can be single-staked or paired with other tokens to engage in liquidity mining and generate passive income daily. 

SpookySwap (BOO)

This Halloween-themed decentralized exchange is the largest within the Fantom ecosystem and one of the best places to earn within DeFi. Fantom’s volatility naturally attracts investors with high-risk tolerances, and as a result, SpookySwap features high APR pools; however, investors must be aware of the dangers of impermanent loss. BOO is the governance token and can be staked in return for xBOO, which can further be staked to earn in partner pools. 

Curve (CRV)

Curve Finance began as a stablecoin decentralized exchange and has become a liquidity giant of DeFi. By pairing assets that perform similarly together (stablecoins), investors can yield farm with little risk of impermanent loss. Traders can exchange stablecoins for other stablecoins with the lowest possible slippage, and Curve, despite low APRs, is a great place to earn stable yields with stable assets. 

Closing Thoughts

Investors earning passive income are ahead of the market. They are continuously building their crypto stack and subsequently constantly building their net worth. The best protocols allow investors to put their money to work and generate labor-free returns. 

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