Invest $5 into $GOLDEN Token, A New Cryptocurrency, Get US$1.17-Million Back?

Golden Inu Token's $GOLDEN Guard
Golden Inu Token's $GOLDEN Guard

Cryptocurrency is volatile but quite lucrative. More ‘lucky decision’ millionaires have been made in the crypto markets in the last 10 years than nearly any other business niche.    The twitter memes of people selling their Bitcoin, DogeCoin, Shiba Inu cryptocurrencies too early are seen weekly on reddit.   And on that same platform, users are claiming it could happen again.  Golden Inu, a new bsc token, is gaining popularity on social media as rumors have people speculating that a $5 investment could lead to a $1.17-million-dollar return.

Why Not Investigate a Life Changing $5 investment?

The source appears to be using logic more than to compute such numbers.    Dividing $5 by the $GOLDEN tokens current price, then multiplying it by US$0.0000005 appears to deliver the whopping sum.

And though it seems outlandish, perhaps one must remember Bitcoin was a fraction of a penny at one time and now is worth over US$23,000.  It’s made some ‘lucky’ investors in the hundreds of millions of dollars.

Dogecoin too was extremely low, until Elon Musk caught wind of it.  The erc20 meme token leapt as high as 70 cents at one point, making overnight multi-millionaires.  

Now, amateur crypto market enthusiasts are suggesting “Golden Inu token’ has that same potential.  

How can $GOLDEN token increase in value?

The freshly launched crypto , which has decentralized ownership and given the token holders control, believes CZ of Binance will recognize the token with time.   Youth from across the world are rallying to bring it to his attention.

Meme images and videos are being spread across tiktok, facebook, Weibo, reddit, tumblr, twitter, and instagram in support of the movement.  Many of these memes showcase CZ baptizing the token with a title alluding to “Binance’s Shiba Inu token.” 

Though the token is new, the efforts have been successful in pushing up the market cap value. The Binance smart chain (BSC) based crypto-coin was launched less than 2 weeks ago and has already amassed a market capitalization of US$112,000.  This indicates that crypto-investors have been putting US$11,000  into the token every day.     If only weekdays were used for the equation, the normal trading days, the daily average would be closer to US$17,500.

Elon Musk or Changpeng ‘CZ’ Zhao Support

If Binance’s CEO or another notorious crypto-celebrity like Elon Musk were to mention the token, it could indeed skyrocket in value.    

The new token is a low market cap because it’s new and a prime time to become a ‘crypto investor’ when looking at the history of any token.  However,  will the ‘power of the people’ be enough to move a CZ or Elon Musk to recognize the brand is the biggest question.

Musk recently stated he’s no longer interested in crypto.  His attention is focused on AI technology.   That’s not stopped him from continuing to keep his offer to McDonalds open. But still, it will be hard to get the Tesla founder on-board to mention “Golden Inu ($GOLDEN)” to his 130.7-million twitters followers.  

But then again, he does seem to love the ‘under dog’ and this cryptocurrency brand literally fits the bill for his likes.

Changpeng ‘CZ’ Zhao, Binance’s CEO, is on twitter daily.    Binance Smart Chain is his project and it’s likely the new memes featuring a character in his likeness could catch his attention.  

Not only that, the actual idea of an ecosystem on the bep-20 network would benefit his crypto exchange greatly.  It’s decentralized and owned by the DAO structured community, so it could be an experiment for him to see if a community could prosper on its own.   

Zhao only has 8.2-million followers, which is much less than Elon Musk, but it’s a direct bullseye for the crypto market.    His support of Golden Inu could be just as effective as Tesla’s CEO in terms of helping boost the total market capitalization; which in turn would create funding to develop the $GOLDEN token using the ecosystem much quicker.

Either of these scenarios could lead to the coin reaching values even higher than the fraction of a penny used for the $1.17-Million dollar equation afloat in crypto groups & social media.

Power of The Golden Inu Community

But of course, these are long shots.   The more likely way this token could reach US$0.0000005 in value is grassroots support.

Though Musk and Zhao are famous, the power of a committed group of supporters can be even bigger.    Coins like Shiba Inu ($SHIB) have ShibArmy, DogeCoin has the DogeArmy, and Bitcoin has its $BTC Maximalists.      As the official subreddit (here) grows by 35-75 members daily this week,  there’s no telling what 1000 committed crypto-investors can do. Such loyalist groups have created hundreds of millionaires in the last 10 years within the crypto world.

Golden Inu token’s subreddit has gained 610 subscribers  since launching less than 7 days ago.  At this rate of membership growth,  there’s a lot of positive possibilities foreseen.  

Also, it’s being mentioned in various posts that the lower market cap means it’s a great time to become a ‘lucky decision’ millionaire.

The official Golden Inu website has not responded to these claims yet. The team of developers behind the coin has been more focused on the finishing of their first ecosystem platform,  “Golden Quest.”  The beta version was released Monday.    The phase 1 project offers jobs to $GOLDEN token holders that pay cryptos for their contributions to the community.

As the Market Cap grows, so will the treasury to pay professionals within the Golden Inu ecosystem and accelerate the project’s crypto product offerings.    GameFi entertainment, Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs),  Decentralized Apps (Dapps), and more are expected to be added to the ecosystem as the community evolves.

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