Introducing Solid Metrics: A Crypto Marketing Agency by Web3 Folk for All Time Growth


Solid Metrics, a Web3 crypto marketing agency founded in early July by a Web3 community lead, Joshua Yap, announced its official launch today with a focus on combining the elements and discipline of traditional tech startup methodologies to Web3 businesses in order to stay relevant.

“In a traditional tech startup setting, every founder needed to first build their customer base, generate actual revenue, and stay lean in order to play the long-term game. However, one of the biggest hurdles of Web3 projects is that most of them: A) never needed to prove their PMF (product-market fit), and B) never needed to think in the long term — they just paid for every bit of exposure without going organic.

While many web3 marketing agencies rely on short-term hype cycles and paid advertising campaigns, Solid Metrics is designed to help crypto projects build engaged communities and earn more organic traffic, allowing them to thrive in both bear and bull markets. This removes clients’ reliance on constantly paying for attention rather than actually providing real value to the world, for which people would pay with their money or attention, or both.

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“I’ve seen too many great crypto projects generate quick hype through influencers and paid campaigns, only to witness community engagement and website traffic dry up when budgets run out or markets turn south,” said Joshua. “Our goal with Solid Metrics is to focus on strategies like quality content creation, niche backlinks, and community building that drive organic growth and can sustain projects through inevitable crypto market cycles.”

Solid Metrics offers a range of services, including high-quality blog content optimized for SEO, backlink building from reputable blockchain websites, press outreach to top crypto publications, on-page optimization, paid search engine marketing, influencer marketing, dedicated account management, and more.

Joshua believes that this holistic approach can establish a solid marketing foundation for Web3 projects, enabling them to consistently generate passive traffic that can help the project remain relevant until they discover the sweet spot of product-market fit.

‘With the launching of our specialized department for Web3 SEO, also known as a Web3 SEO agency, we believe we can start helping more Web3 projects to get better results with organic campaigns rather than actively paying for traffic’, said Joshua.

The founder has already worked with several leading Web3 projects including Stacks, Creditcoin, Hiro, and ALEX.

About Solid Metrics

Solid Metrics is a crypto marketing agency focused on sustainable growth for blockchain projects through SEO, content creation, community building, and influencer marketing. The company was founded in 2023 by Joshua Yap, a veteran Web3 community leader with a vision to help crypto projects succeed over the long-term. For more information, visit

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