Introducing Script.Tv – An All-In-One Blockchain Television Experience


A recent survey done by Amdocs found that more than 3/4th (83%) of the people in the U.K now have an OTT/streaming subscription than a traditional cable/satellite TV one (69%). And, more than half (54%) of the sample said they use their OTT subscriptions more now than before the pandemic started. With its stay-at-home policy, this pandemic has clearly played a significant role in this, locking up millions of people around the world with their televisions and devices.

Script TV will be a first-of-its-kind Internet TV platform whereby both users and content publishers earn from video streams. A feature-heavy application that provides users round-the-clock enjoyment, including a variety of free premium channels across the network. Script TV will use the Script Token method as a direct incentive for users to watch and discover great new content and share their bandwidth and memory for the videos, which in effect, will improve the stream quality.

No television platform today compensates users for their time spent on its platform. With Script.Tv, there will be a revolution in this space as the main focus is to bring linear television onto the blockchain, alongside leveraging NFT art (from content partners), and handle a critical flaw of other on-demand platforms that simply do not allow users to engage with each other and earn money for the content they are consuming.

To deliver the end-to-end television experience on Script.TV blockchain, the current roadmap is divided into three phases:

Initial Phase 

  • Script TV token site launch, Script TV full site launch (beta) 
  • Token distribution (private and public round) 
  • Building market awareness and community 
  • Set socials up, confirm initial partnerships

Development Phase 

  • Begin ad software testnet, deploy ad rollout
  • Scale the site from 3-5 channels, to 25-30 channels, all 24/7, all with their own style 
  • Develop easy on and off ramping methods and frames 
  • Sign further multinational partnerships in content, strategy and growth. 

Expansion Phase 

  • Significant user growth 
  • Mobile app 
  • Mass adoption and usage 
  • Creation and development of Script Studios – original film and tv content. 

Seed Round now live:





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